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Even with two dogs of our own (Kendall & Seeley), we frequently foster rescue dogs and take part in fundraisers to help more dogs in need.

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Hi y'all! I'm Staci, author of Staci & Co

Staci & Co is a blog about everyday life and everything that goes with it. My goal is to leave you feeling like you just hung out with your best friend, motivated and invigorated to live your best life.

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Strong relationships are key for living a well-balanced life. Whether it's marriage, friendship or learning to love yourself.

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Staci & Co reimagined

I started blogging for the first time in 2014 under a different name, Lattes & Lipstick, as a way to share my life abroad. I had just moved from South Carolina to London and wanted a way to share this…

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Everyday sustainable swaps

A healthy planet is a basic human right yet the catastrophe of climate change continues to get worse every day. As a concept, climate change is sometimes immeasurable, I mean, it’s a whole planet. How can we, a single individual amongst…

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Meet Vincent: the Christmas puppy

I think the normal thing to do after your first foster experience is to have a break. Decompress perhaps, but when have we ever done anything normal?! When Wild at Heart Foundation reached out to us a few days later with photos of Vincent…

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The 2021 word of the year

What is a word of the year? At the end of each year, Oxford Languages releases their ‘Word of the Year’ – either a word or an expression that has generated a lot of attention over the past 12 months….

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