Staci sitting on the sofa crocheting a pink blanket smiling

This page is more for me than anyone else. I wanted a place for all my crochet creations to live and a reminder of all the patterns I’ve started to accumulate. I figured, if I wanted a little library of patterns, why won’t someone else. So welcome to the Staci & Co crochet library, tired and tested by moi.

I’ve organised this page by type of project and made notes on any changes to patterns linked.

Baby blanket patterns

This is easily the most popular category. I’ve tried a variety of patterns and each have their own pros and cons. I’ve included my notes beneath each blanket.

Simple Granny Stripe Blanket

These were my first first blankets I gifted to people and before I started blocking my blankets. They’re a quick and easy beginner pattern based on a traditional granny stitch. My favourite part about this style of blanket, other than being quick, is the possibilities are endless. You can have as many or as few colours as you want and as you can see above, you can vary the stripes however you want. I use the Easy Crochet strip generator for all my striped patterns. Pattern is from Easy Crochet.

The last photo is the same pattern altered to be a twin size blanket and completed with a bobble border.

Solid Textured Blanket

I’ve actually made two of these as well because I love how lush and cozy they work up but I only took a photo of one. Personally, “Caron baby soft” yarn is the only yarn to use for this, it’s just beautiful. Pattern is from Maisie & Ruth. Note that I used a different weight yarn than the pattern and adjusted my hook accordingly and changed the border to 4 rounds of single crochet before completed the final round as a scalloped edge. This makes for a great stroller cover blanket.

Gingham Blanket

Well it looked lovely, I would never make this again. I don’t know if it was the yarn I choose or maybe colour work just isn’t for me, but either way this was a serious labour of love and I couldn’t wait for it to be finished. Pattern used is Daisy Farm Crafts and I did a scalloped edge border instead of the ribbed border in the pattern.

Chevron Blanket

This blanket was an absolute joy, I loved every second of it and can’t wait to make more variations and play with the stripe generator above for different effects. Pattern used was Daisy Farm Crafts adjusted to be a baby blanket size. Also you’ll note I didn’t carry any white yarn to make the vertical lines but opted for clean stripes. This was partly due to the above blanket stress but also I knew it would make it x10 faster and it did.

Baby Lovey patterns

Lovey’s are an easy “add on” to a gift if you have extra yarn. I’ve made two variations, but only have one photo unfortunately.

I love the traditional granny square lovey because it’s incredibly quick. I gave this one a rainbow border to match the blanket I was gifted as well. The teething rings are from Amazon. Pattern is Haak Maar Raak. I have also made a star shaped lovey, but honestly, the original is best and works up faster!

Blanket patterns (mixed)

Rainbow Bobble Throw Blanket

This isn’t technically a baby blanket, it falls more into the small throw category at 38 x”43″, I made it as a large cuddly blanket for an expected mother of twin boys. I then made the lovey’s above to match for the babies. Pattern is Daisy Farm Crafts – but heavily edited. I wanted more bobbles on the blanket but didn’t want it to be too big so instead I put two bobble rows on top of each other, but I needed them to be on the right side so I added a buffer row between them. The first colour row would read like this:

ROW 6: Work 1 SC in each of the first 5 stitches, then work 1 DC5TOG Bobble in the next stitch. Continue the pattern of working 5 SCs, then 1 DC5TOG Bobble until you reach the end of the row. You should end with 5 SCs. Chain 2 and turn.

ROW 7: Work 1 SC across the row. Chain 2 and turn.

ROW 8: Work 1 SC in each of the first 2 stitches, then work 1 DC5TOG Bobble in the next stitch. Continue the pattern of working 5 SCs, then 1 DC5TOG Bobble until you reach the end of the row. You should end with 2 SCs. Chain 2 and turn.

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

The blanket that started my granny square love affair. The squares are a traditional sunburst granny square – you can find the pattern anywhere. The real gem is the joining from Nautikrall Crochet: the Tight Continuous join as you go – support video here. The border on this blanket is also very extra and worth the time in my opinion. Detailed explaination below.

Yarn is Hayfield Sundown Spirit DK, 90 squares used 5 skeins with a 4mm hook. It was stitched together with the continuous join method above (in Hayfield White Bonus DK, 5 skeins). Once joined, I added 3 rounds of traditional granny square stitch to complete the blanket and then added 4 rounds to complete the border. Round 1 – SC; Round 2 & 3 – V-stitch; Round 4 – scalloped edge with 5DC.

The finished size with border was 50″ x 55″.

Note: this page will be updated frequently with new patterns and examples