Staci and Seeley sitting in a field. Staci is hugging and kissing Seeley.
Dogs, Money

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

Day job: investing. Passion: dogs. What do they both have in common? They’re both expensive and key to my longterm happiness. So before you decide whether or not to adopt a cute little ball of joy, be sure you’re considering…

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Staci sitting on sofa with medium dog in her lap. Staci is smiling at the dog.

Meet Olympia: the smiley dog

Oh, Olympia. Found in a sack and dumped in the woods with her sibilings to be left for dead, she had a rough and unjust start to life. But thankfully, they were discovered and brought to Wild at Heart Foundations’s…

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Dogs, Fostering

Meet Cinnamon: sweet as sugar

Cinnamon was brought to Wild at Heart Foundation’s partner shelter in Greece after being found as a stray. She was an extremely shy girl and it was clear it wasn’t an easy start for her. One thing was clear from…

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Tan and white puppy on sofa
Dogs, Fostering

Meet Marlo: the lockdown puppy

When the UK went into lockdown last March life changed overnight. The demand for dogs during the pandemic increased exponentially, I get it, who doesn’t smile or feel happy with a puppy. It’s easy to understand why they might be…

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Small dog wearing bow tie on pillows and blankets
Dogs, Fostering

Meet Vincent: the Christmas puppy

I think the normal thing to do after your first foster experience is to have a break. Decompress perhaps, but when have we ever done anything normal?! When Wild at Heart Foundation reached out to us a few days later with photos of Vincent…

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