Starseeds Brand Review

Starseeds: Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

One of the wonderful things about blogging is being introduced to a number of different brands. It’s easy to write off any number of invitations and requests that come through because you’re too busy. And while everyone wants to work with the ‘big companies’ I love to see small companies and startups come through by inbox because small companies means stories.

The first time I saw ‘Starseeds’ in a subject line I had no idea what to expect, I definitely didn’t expect to be having coffee just a week later with one of the founders. But I’m so glad I did because now I get to share with you everything I learned about this incredible line of athletic wear.

Starseeds Brand Review

The Starseeds journey began in the classroom during a ‘Ethics in Fashion’ course where the founder and designer, Natalia, started to daydream about a line of both ethical and sustainable fashion. An avid yogi, the natural start was a line of yoga clothing – which began the process of finding the right fabric.

It all started with a bamboo based fabric –

This super-soft, natural wonder feels amazing on the skin, is unbelievably strong and naturally antibacterial, plus it absorbs sweat like no other – so hello, hot yoga. It’s right up there for sustainability, too. It re-grows in days without any chemicals and can thrive in the most challenging of climates. Plus, because it’s 100% biodegradable, it won’t linger in landfill, either. (Taken from the Starseeds website)

They then started producing (my favourite) a coffee based line using recycled coffee waste, from companies such as Starbucks – amazing! Once I found about about a coffee based fabric I had to know everything – why coffee? How did they find it?

Natalia first saw the fabric at a sustainable fashion convention, it was originally a hard fabric and used for outerwear. It wasn’t until a few years later it had been adapted for athletic wear. Here’s a snapshot of all the benefits from their website – it’s such an incredible fabric and so incredibly soft against your skin, I was shocked.

Starseeds Brand Review

For Natalia, it was all about creating a shift in the industry. It meant producing less waste, less fast-fashion, and more sustainably and accountability. It’s why Starseeds continually travels to find the perfect fabrics while staying true to their mission. A mission focuses on what we put ON our bodies and not just in them.

At Starseeds, their mantra is

The Lightness of Being

which to me means living in the moment, enjoying your life and leaving the world a better place than the one you were given and THAT is something I will always support.

Starseeds Brand Review


I’m wearing the matching Ristretto Bra Top & Aeropress Leggings from the coffee collection

Rich is wearing Deep Well Bamboo Fitted Tee & Frappe Shorts

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Staci West is an obsessive compulsive traveller who is currently dealing with a chronic case of coffee addicition. Symptoms include blackouts from online shopping sessions, a ferocious passion for everything colourful and energy levels that exceed a normal human capacity. On the advice of her carer and companion, Kendall her yellow labrador, she created L&L, a down to Earth lifestyle blog, as a distraction for her pathological need for shoes.


  1. Did you know I used to have an eco fashion blog? That was about 8+ years ago! Even though I don’t cover that anymore, I’m still always so interested to learn about eco friendly fashion lines. I’ve never heard of coffee based fabric, but what a great idea! I also love that it’s so stylish.

    1. I had no idea!! That’s awesome! You would love this brand, the clothes are so functional and great for long walks or hikes – thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Tori! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen ethical fashion before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen ethical athletic wear before! I definitely need to check out Starseeds!

  3. I LOVE bamboo based fabric! I need to start thinking more about making ethical clothing choices. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Lena! I’d never heard of bamboo fabrics, I was so shocked how soft and comfortable all the fabrics were. Made me wonder why more companies aren’t taking advantage.

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