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JAVAZEN Coffee Review

JavaZen – A Coffee & Tea Blend

The age old question – tea or coffee – well what if I told you that you didn’t need to choose anymore? I’d love me, right? I can’t take all the credit because I didn’t actually make this happen for y’all but I am very happy to tell you all about today. Introducing to you […]

Meal Prep 101

Sunday’s meal planning sessions are always a puzzle for me, trying to figure out where all the containers fit into the day. But it’s helped me keep my carb intake at a minimum (confession, carbs are my favourite food group) while forcing me to eat more proteins and veggies (always a struggle). At first planning your […]

Intro to Water Detox

WHAT IS IT There are people out there who will say that to really do a water detox you need to be drinking just water, that’s ridiculous. No person can or should be sustained based on water, no matter what fusions you add to it. Needless to say this is not that type of detox. […]

Designing Your Day

STEP ONE: FIND THE RIGHT PLANNER Recently I’ve had friends reach out about how I stay so organised and all the planning I do to make sure it stays that way so I thought I’d share a few secrets. Everything starts with finding the right planner for you, do you need a weekly planner, just […]

Zucchini Noodles & Fiesta Shrimp

This is perhaps the easiest thing I’ve made in a long time. Nothing but spiralised zucchini and some spicy shrimp. It’s simplisty means that’s it’s not so much a recipe as two real ingredients and whatever spices you want. Steps: Heat 2 Tbsp coconut oil in your pan over medium heat. Toss your shrimp in […]

Post Workout Berry Blend Smoothie

Nothing makes me work through a long hot yoga session or hike with Kendall like knowing I’m coming home to a good smoothie afterwards. This Berry Blend is my very favourite because it’s so simple and flexible enough to go with whatever is in my fridge (or freezer). In a perfect world, I would have […]