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Fit Bride Bootcamp: Month 3

Month Three. The half way mark. Where are the months even going? I mean, as far as I’m concerned Christmas just happened, when in reality it’s almost my birthday in July! How? Anyway, I’m getting side tracked – this month as been a roller coaster for me, mostly because I’m starting to notice little changes […]

Chicken fried rice recipe perfect for meal prep

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe & A Food Diary

There seems to be a lot of discussion about what I eat lately thanks to our Fit Bride Bootcamp series so I decided to keep a food diary in my Fitness Planner for two weeks to share with you – AND as a bonus the quick chicken fried rice lunch recipe you’ll see listed almost everyday. Before […]

Sneak Peak in my Gym Bag

Inside My Gym Bag + Giveaway

A look inside my bag is probably one of the “lifestyle blogger” things, but I genuinely enjoy sharing what’s inside my bags – gym bag included – because it’s stuff that I use and see EVERYDAY so of course I want to share that with you. In all honestly, one thing I really miss about […]

Month 2 of 6 for Fit Bride Bootcamp - new workouts every month, recipes and more

Wedding Update & FBB Month 2

We’ve made it through another month of the Fit Bride Bootcamp and I didn’t die! Whoo!! In all seriousness, it’s really freaking hard and I struggle through every session – some things are getting easier and some…not so much. To read all about this month and get the new workouts head over to FlexFit Dance […]

Chia Seed Protein Shake Recipe

Chia Seed Protein Shake Recipe

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I do not eat enough to keep up with what Roslyn had in store for me with the Fit Bride Bootcamp – eating enough though has always been a problem for me, I don’t really like proteins and I definitely don’t like vegetables. I like to […]

An Introduction to Fit Bride Bootcamp - a 6 month personal training programme

Introducing Fit Bride Bootcamp

You know when you have a crazy idea and you start coming up with random things and basically just get a little carried away? Well that’s how this series started. Having lunch with one of my bridesmaids who was telling me all about her personal training qualifications, my mind started to spin thinking there’s a blog […]

2017 resolutions and goals

2017 Resolutions & Goals

With every new year comes new resolutions on how you want this year to be different than the last. This has always been my favourite part of the new year – be it new resolutions or new goals in general, I love planning for another new year, it’s like a fresh slate. I always try […]

why it's important to stretch

Here’s Why you Should Never Forget to Stretch

I deliberately scheduled this post for “FlexFriday”  (as it is now known amongst avid hashtaggers) to draw attention to an aspect of fitness that is ridiculously important, yet categorically ignored. Flex doesn’t just stand for strength – it also stands for Flexibility. Coming from a dance background, I was brought up in an environment that […]