One Month of PWR by Kelsey Wells

Remember two months ago how I said I was going to try PWR by Kelsey Wells using my Sweat app? Well after a rocky first month of “intro” to PWR (read: only going to the gym once maybe twice a week) my first “original” month has been an overwhelming success.

First things first, I am SO GLAD that I switched from BBG to PWR. It’s been the biggest motivation in getting back to the gym. Although, I might not seeΒ changes, I can feel them daily and it gives me such happy memories of FBB with Roslyn. Except now I can’t blame her for my sore muscles. Or can I?

I’m going to break down each of the four weeks and how I altered the program slightly some days, how I pushed myself to do more and lift more thanks to a pesky little Roslyn voice that seems to live in my head.

But First: What is PWR?

PWR, aka Power, is Kelsey’s weight based program on the Sweat app (home to BBG and BBG Stronger). According to the Sweat website: “it is a hypertrophy style of resistance training, which is designed to help increase lean muscle and strength throughout the whole body.” It differs from BGG in that it’s designed to be done at the gym with large equipment, weights, resistance bands, you name it.

And the reason I choose it? “PWR places greater focus on resistance workouts rather than cardio…[and] will provide an increase in overall muscle mass and power.”

Sweat App

The app walks you through activation, pyramid training, supersets and cool down. Resistance sessions normally take 45 – 60 minutes. LISS sessions are normally a few miles with Kendall, minimum 40 minutes.

Weeks 1-4 are made up of 3 resistance workouts, 3 LISS cardio workouts, 1 rest day and 1 recovery session.

Week One

My best week yet. Maybe not for actual strength building but I completed every single session. Found myself at the gym four days that week after work and while I wouldn’t say I pushed myself.Β I know I used lighter weights that Roslyn would have like:

  • dumbells 4-6kg
  • kettleballs 8kg
  • various other machines around 8-10kg as well

And you’re probably wondering why when I knew I could easily do weighted squats with 12kg. Quite frankly, it was nerve racking being alone at the gym with no one to watch me and my form or correct me when I dip my back and every other little thing Roslyn used to do. Oh and I now had to count my own sets – struggle bus.

So yes, I used lighter weights, I watched my form in the mirror with my little 4kg weights and that was OKAY.Β I got myself out the door and to the gym. That in it of itself is a success in my book.

Week Two

I missed a resistance session (Chest & Triceps) because I was honestly just too exhausted and still sore from my Leg session the day before. But hey, I got an extra (3 mile) walk with Kendall because of the heat wave!

If you’re wondering why I was so sore, it’s because my light week one caught up with me when I felt my confidence coming back and may have overdone it skipping from 4 straight to 10kg. Whoops! Lesson learned. Build it up.

But the most surprising thing this week was how much I enjoyed the Back & Shoulder session. It’s easily my favourite day now. I actually save it until Friday/Saturdays so I’ll be sure to go to the gym because I want to do it. I may be turning into a weirdo…

And it was the last day this week that I realised I had a little tiny Roslyn voice living in my head. It was a scary yet satisfying week.

I was doing my favourite session and the first pyramid was Seated Row and Lat Pulldown. I started with a comfortable weight, did the 15 reps and thought that was really easy. Hmm. So I added a bit more weight, tried again, repeat. Until I found the weight I could comfortably do without breaking form but really felt pushed and by that last set was feeling it – and I mean really feeling it. And then I had a horrible case of deja vu.

I stopped immediately scrolled through my videos and found the video of Roslyn filming me doing a really hard Lat Pulldown after basically telling her there’s a special place in hell for personal trainers (sorry again for the things I said when my muscles hated me). The worst part? I was wearing the SAME THING!

Once I was over the whole OMG stage, I carried on and pushed myself a little harder the rest of the session. Did these stupid Arnold Press things that I used to try and talk myself out of every time she brought it up. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t nearly has much weight has she would have made me do but I did it. And once again, that’s a start.

Week Three

Filled with confidence from the previous week, I was actually really ready to get into the gym on Monday – even if it did mean leg day.

I was so determined. I grabbed heavy weights from last week and just zoned out. Despite lifting, squats and too many minutes planking – time literately flew by. I completed the workout in 40 minutes! And then that pesky little voice started at me again…so I revisited some of our past workouts together and added another 15 minutes of my favourite post to date: abs, abs, abs.

Trust me when I say my body was not happy the following day.

There’s something about the Wednesday workout that I just can not do. Last week it got skipped, this week it got “moved” to Saturday. Friday nights at the gym, no problem but Wednesday’s? Nope, not happening! I’m quickly understanding my most productive time is Friday – Monday. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s always seem to be lazy days for me after work.

Week Four

It’s with much sadness I tell you about the non existent week four. While I completed all my cardio (and rest day) I didn’t make it to the gym once. We had family visiting and I wanted to spend time with them, I even took took a day off work, which meant the rest of my days were long. I just couldn’t muster up the energy to face the gym after such long brutal days of work. Just to measure how bad a week it was – we had both pizza and Chinese food that week. #fail

Just keeping it real. I’m proud to say though, we took full advantage of the bank holiday Monday but hitting the gym in the AM. And I decided to move along with week five of the program, instead of starting week four over because life isn’t perfect and these things happen.

Moving into Week Five and Further

Despite our impromptu week off, I’ve been generally enjoying the gym lately. It’s nice to have a routine that’s not just coffee, work, eat, sleep, and feel my muscles working after sitting down most of the day at work. It’s definitely something I want to stay with and I’m excited to see the end of the 12 weeks what’s changed – both psychically and mentally.

So let me know what kind of healthy content you want. Do you like these weekly breakdowns of what I’m doing and how I’m feeling about it. Or do you just want a big before and after at the end? Fancy some healthy recipes or want to learn how we meal plan? Let me know in the comments.

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