Fit Bride Bootcamp: Month 3

Month Three. The half way mark. Where are the months even going? I mean, as far as I’m concerned Christmas just happened, when in reality it’s almost my birthday in July! How?

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked – this month as been a roller coaster for me, mostly because I’m starting to notice little changes and honestly I don’t know how I feel about them. First thing that happened was I forgot to make my breakfast shake one morning and I felt like I was dying on the commute to work without food – a feeling I’ve never had to experience before!

Second thing that threw me? My clothes don’t fit the same anymore and it’s really really distressing for me. Outfits that I’ve worn for years and years, now don’t fit quite right and getting ready is a longer process. Something I don’t love. I mean I had full meltdown last weekend whilst getting ready to go out because I couldn’t find something that fit how I wanted. Yes, these are some serious first world problems and it was a major drama queen moment but how frustrating is it that your clothes don’t fit? I just couldn’t cope.

On the plus side – the bootcamp is WORKING! Insert all the happy emojis here!!

The Workout | Brought to You By Roslyn…

I feel like we reached a bit of a turning point at the end of last month. I was forewarned ahead of this series that Staci isn’t a big fan of working out. Partly by Staci herself, who straight out and told me that she actively avoids going into a gym. I also had my sneaky suspicions from the fact that I had never actually seen her in gym clothes. Given that we lived together for the better part of a year, that was a bit of a giveaway.

Still, part of my job as a Personal Trainer is to motivate my clients. It’s really important to me that my clients enjoy their sessions. More than this, I want them to feel confident and strong. That might sound obvious- but it genuinely worries me how many people have come to me with nightmare stories of previous PTs using a “stereotypically old school” method of motivation. It tends involves shouting, threatening, negative reinforcement and even body shaming. Staci being one of their victims.

Anyway, throughout the past month or so I think that Staci has finally been getting some of that post workout satisfaction. Perhaps even a sense of looking forward to our sessions. I’m not altogether convinced that she’s being diligent with her out-of-session HiiT homework… but I do think that sense of enjoyment is there much more. And not just because we get to catch up and bitch about our boyfriends and take selfies for Instagram.

This month I’ve been slowly but surely increasing the amount of weight training in our workouts. I’ve been upping the intensity too, really getting the muscles to that point of fatigue. It’s a careful operation, as I know that dumbells and barbells and plates aren’t always Staci’s favourite pieces of equipment. Because of this, I’ve been sure to mix it all in with other styles of training that I know she likes a lots more, such as bodyweight work, TRX…and of course a good stretch!

The workout I’ve got for you below incorporates this mix of both weight and bodyweight training. It’s upper body focused, as one of Staci’s specific goals is to tone her shoulders and arms for the wedding!

There’s a full description below the video, and if that’s not enough, be sure to head on over to FlexFit Dance and check out some of the other workouts I’ve been doing!

The “push” exercises (e.g. shoulder press, chest press, push up etc) are great for the back of the arms (triceps), the shoulders and the chest. I’ve paired these with opposing “pull” exercises (rows of varying descriptions) that really work the back and the biceps. Put them together and you’ve got an awesome all round upper body workout!
Each of the following is a pair of exercises. One push, one pull. Each pair is a superset, which means that you should do each exercise in said pair back to back, with no rest when changing exercise. The same goes for that last one, which is actually a cheeky tri-set!

For example in number 1, you should do 12 reps of the upright rows straight away followed by 12 reps of the shoulder press. That counts as 1 set. Take about 30-60 seconds rest in between each set.

The same goes for that last one (number 5), which is actually a cheeky tri-set!

Upright Rows & Shoulder Press: 12 Reps each. 3 Sets.
TRX High Rows & TRX Chest Press: 20 Reps each. 3 Sets.
Incline Bench Dumbbell Press & Bench Dumbbell Rows:
Reverse Rows & Tricep Press Ups: 20 Reps each. 2 Sets.
Bicep Face Pulls, Tricep Pull Downs & Overhead Tricep Extensions: 15 Reps each, 3 Sets

Why Upper Body? 

The moment I tried on my dress, my first reaction was damn I need to work on my arms/shoulders, because in reality that’s the main thing that people see in your photos (unless you have a short dress – which spoiler alert, I don’t) so I immediately texted Roslyn to give her the heads up. Honestly, I have loved this month – upper body is my jam!! I mean really can everyday be upper body day and can cardio and leg day just not exist – kay great, thanks!


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