An Introduction to Fit Bride Bootcamp - a 6 month personal training programme

Introducing Fit Bride Bootcamp

You know when you have a crazy idea and you start coming up with random things and basically just get a little carried away? Well that’s how this series started. Having lunch with one of my bridesmaids who was telling me all about her personal training qualifications, my mind started to spin thinking there’s a blog post in here somewhere. So a few weeks later I texted her saying “I have a crazy idea…” and thus Fit Bride Bootcamp was born.

First off, let’s have a little introduction period – Roslyn Rachel of FlexFit Dance is one of my best friends – you probably know her better as the guest blogger that shares all the fitness wisdom. We lived in the same halls at University whilst I was studying abroad and we immediately clicked. Over the years our friendship blossomed out of a mutual love for tea, stationary and to-do lists. After I officially moved to London for my MA, tea dates, shopping and planning sessions were the norm. She’s basically an aunt to my dog (which is high praise) and has been apart of Rich and I’s relationship from the beginning.

So here’s what we came up with…in preparation for my wedding in August 2017, Roslyn has designed a Personal Training programme to potentially kill me in attempts to whip my ass in shape.

Along the way we’ll be discussing a few goals & sharing our workouts, along with a range of health tips and fitness tricks. Each month we’ll post about what we’ve been up to, focusing on a specific theme for that month.

If you’re interested in seeing variations and new exercises be sure to follow us on Instagram as we share InstaStories into the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of our training sessions – aka me being very dramatic.

And, because we love our readers, each month we’re going to be hosting a giveaway – the details of which will be given at the end of each post. So if nothing for the fact that everyone likes free swag – keep reading each month for a chance to enter! Fit Bride Bootcamp - Month 1 of 6The Workout – by Roslyn 

Planning any project is difficult enough when your partner is a few thousand miles plus 5 hours time difference away. Multiply that by ten when your project involves regular one-to-one PT sessions! What with Staci being busy making her big move back to London this month, I needed to create easy to follow, versatile workouts that I could send via video, or explain simply in an email.

That’s why this month’s training focused heavily on HiiT – High Intensity Interval Training. I teach regular HiiT classes around London, so it was easy enough for me to put together some sessions that Staci could add to her normal routine of cardio and yoga.

The beauty of HiiT is that sessions don’t need to be long. The point is that during your short burst, high intensity periods (usually between 10-40 seconds) you give the exercise your absolute max. Rest periods are filled with active recovery, allowing you to get your breath back whilst keeping the body moving.

Although you can do a full 45 minute session, HiiT workouts are just as easily split up into 15-20 minute chunks. You don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment, so they are perfect for fitting into a busy schedule. Exactly what we needed.

The video below is just an example of some of the exercises that were included in this month’s HiiT sessions. As you’ll see, it is split into three sections. All three at once make for a 45 minute workout- including a decent warm up and cool down. Alternatively, do one section at a time for a quick 15-minute workout blast.

Each section is a different circuit, each of which should be repeated for 4 rounds with 30 seconds per exercise. Take no rest in between exercises, but one 30 second rest in between rounds.

Now that Staci has gone through a couple of these HiiT workouts with me, I’m encouraging her to do two or three sessions weekly on her own, at home. This will help to keep up her cardiovascular fitness and shed some body fat, meanwhile allowing me to focus future sessions on other things – such as strength and technique.

See below the video for Staci’s reaction to our first session!

In the spirit of full disclosure here’s a little background into my fitness level…

Wanna know the last time I was in a gym – like properly in a gym to work out and actually break a sweat? Me too.

I’m gonna go with at least 5 years (and that’s me being generous) – I am NOT a gym person, never have been. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy exercise – in those five years I’ve been to thousands of yoga, pilates and even barre classes. I’ve done at home exercises like Insanity, Brazilian Butt Lift, 21 Day Fix and the current trend of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. But all of these have been fads to say the least; a way for me to keep my slim figure – something built by playing softball competitively for 10+ years – without putting in nearly enough effort. While yoga, pilates, and eating right have helped me keep my size I’ve decided it’s time for change. I’m ready to push my body like when I was a teenager and hit the gym to get some muscle tone back. I mean who doesn’t want to look their best on their wedding day?

Fit Bride Bootcamp - Month 1 of 6

Now for a little insight into how our first session went…
Roslyn: we’re gonna do this exercise for 45 seconds
Me: blank stare
Roslyn: 3,2,1 go
Me (10 seconds later): ahhh I’m gonna be sick
Roslyn: you got this keep going
Me: ugghhh

…5 minutes and a few exercises later….

“I’m gonna faint”
“My heart rate is insane” (thanks FitBit, ha!)
“What is happening”
“My poor body”
“I’m gonna faint”
“Water break”
“I’m gonna be sick”
“I miss yoga”
“What time is it”

… I think you get the picture, this was not an easy going jump right in and smash it kind of thing. So if you’re looking for something easy, this is not for you, but if you’re looking for something new to push and challenge yourself then join us over the next six months for new exercises and follow us on Instagram for special behind the scenes clips.

** Side Note: apparently when you undergo personal training you’re meant to be eating a lot more than I normally do (about 1500ish calories), hence the nearly fainting things – obviously not great – so with the pressure of Rich and Roslyn I’ve upped my intake and prepped meals full of healthy fats and protein **

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Fit Bride Bootcamp - month 1
Get Sweaty with personal training from FlexFitDance and get fit for your wedding day in 6 months
Get Sweaty with personal training from FlexFitDance and get fit for your wedding day in 6 months; enter our MARCH GIVEAWAY on Instagram!!
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