Sneak Peak in my Gym Bag

Inside My Gym Bag + Giveaway

A look inside my bag is probably one of the “lifestyle blogger” things, but I genuinely enjoy sharing what’s inside my bags – gym bag included – because it’s stuff that I use and see EVERYDAY so of course I want to share that with you.

In all honestly, one thing I really miss about living in the States is the ability to stash my gym stuff in the trunk and forget about it. It’s a lot different packing for the gym when you have to carry your bag around all day whilst navigating public transport during rush hour. Because of that though, I’ve stream lined my bag from duffle to backpack and I’m ready to share a peak inside my bag with you!

  1. DEODORANT – I mean DUH people!
  2. DRY SHAMPOO – literately a lifesaver, whether it’s fixing my hair after a morning session before work or after our Friday night session before out for dinner (most likely a pizza because well – carbs are life)
  3. PIXI H20 SKINTINT – this is just so light, it’s a nice touch up glow to your cheeks after your workout – you know, so you’re presentable to the public
  4. WATER BOTTLE(S) – again, pretty self explanatory, I like to mix it up with a variety of different fun bottles (I’m loving the John Lewis one linked below, so I may have already ordered it, whoops!)
  5. EXTRA SOCKS – seems weird but is there anything worse that realising you forgot socks?
  6. PERFUME – I don’t go anywhere without perfumes, whether it’s just a free sample in my purse – you just never know. I’ve worn Vera Wang Princess for years but I’m currently loving my new Modern Muse from Estee Lauder and keep little samples in my purse for during the day
  7. BIODERMA – I use this before the skintint, it’s a shine-control moisturiser that gives a matte finish to the skin so you’re not super shiny after your workout without redoing all your makeup
  8. CLOTHES – ha! I almost forgot to mention my clothes! I remembered socks before clothes, classic. But yeah, always pack your outfit folks! I always reach for my UA heat gear pants (I have about 7 different pairs) and the’ve been my go to for exercise since high school, making them SUPER reliable
  9. YOGA MAT (when necessary) – I always bring my own mat when going to classes, I’m OCD like that
  10. TOWEL – again, not mind blowing but necessary all the same – especially when Roslyn says we’re doing cardio and HiiT!



We wanna know what’s in your bag AND we want to give you a NEW GYM BAG to boot! Entering is simple:

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  2. Like the giveaway photo & Tag a friend
  3. Bonus Entry: leave us a comment telling us what’s essential in your gym bag

Once you’ve entered head over to FlexFit Dance to find out what’s essential in a Personal Trainers gym bag – I’ll give you a hint, her bag is a LOT bigger than mine.

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