It’s been a while since I talked about BBG and my fitness journey. The reason? It’s been non existent in February. We went to the gym 2 days in February. Ironically the one day was when Roslyn shared her post on how to survive February for gym newbies — basically, me. Oh the failure.

So it’s not a typical update. But it is an update of sorts.

I’ve debated if I should explain why we haven’t been to the gym in a whole month, but I don’t want to make excuses. It snowballed more than it should have is the truth, but I’m not upset with myself. It’s all about moving forward.

I did however, finish 4 weeks of BBG. One third of the program. And I have to say, not overly impressed. I had planned to give it 8 weeks before making my decision but since we’re jumping back into our gym routine today, I want to share it now.

What I didn’t like:

  • It’s all floor work which I found uninspiring
  • The ‘circuits’ got repetitive and boring

What I did like:

  • The app. It kept me really organised
  • The pace and set up of the program, ie LISS mixed with Resistance and HITT


What I realised most of all was that I missed my gym days with Roslyn, I missed Fit Bride Bootcamp and the variety. Not to mention, I felt more of a burn from our sessions then I did with any BBG session. The difference? Other than having Roslyn push me…weights and machines. Roslyn always pushed me to use equipment, lift more and push harder. BBG just wasn’t doing that for me. I wasn’t feeling challenged. I was “going through the motions” and not much else.

You’re probably thinking what now.

Sadly, I can’t move to Australia and follow Roslyn around so she can make me a better person. And kidnapping her and forcing her back to England is apparently not a good idea. So I need to find a way to push myself to get back in the gym.

Since I love the Sweat app – and I brought the year plan – I decided to try another program. My options were BBG Stronger (by Kayla Itsines) or PWR (by Kelsey Wells). After reading around, I decided to go with PWR because the pyramid training and supersets style reminds me of a lot of Fit Bride Bootcamp. 

PWR is also a 12 week program, with an optional 4 week intro for beginners. So tonight starts a new phrase of my fitness journey – with POWER.