I know I said last week would be the final Wedding Wednesday but Rich & I decided to do one last couples workout a-la Roslyn style with a little inspiration from Starseeds.

Working with Starseeds was such a fun collaboration for me because Rich and I got to work on it together doing something we (now) love. Not to mention I love when everything ties together so, although we will continue to workout together, this is our last time before being married!! Yay!!

When I first mentioned to him the different fabrics, his expression was definitely ‘what are you talking about woman’ but after he tried it on and felt how amazing it feels on your skin, he was a convert. Since we wanted to be thorough we decided it put it through a Roslyn approved couples workout (in the hot sun) to see just how much sweat it really can absorb. Well let me tell you – a LOT.

The beautiful designs make it easy to see what it’s favoured for yoga practices but it’s not just form, its function too – it lasted through a tough workout and carried over to our coffee date seamlessly.

Definitely a brand I would recommend, if not for the amazing story and mission behind the clothes but for the look, feel and function! A must buy for your next workout or even just your next coffee run – who doesn’t need more athleisure wear??

Psst…in case you missed it – you can read the whole review and story here – enjoy! Be back after we’re Mr & Mrs 😀