At University my lectures always told me I was too emotional, too invested in the stories and cases I would read and I needed to detach myself – that’s the one subject I can proudly say I failed. If there’s only one thing you read all week, all month, let it be this, the victim statement in the rape case against Brock Turner written by “Emily Doe” (and if you live under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about you can find more information here.)

I have read my fair share of victim statements from sexual assault to girls sold into sex slavery by their own parents and nothing has stuck me quite like this letter, which was read during the trial to the defendant. It’s not only the eloquently written words and dialogue but the cold sobering truth that this is happening in 2016.

Reading this statement I felt her words, my heart ached and I was crying not just for her but for all the other girls and women who have experienced both this violation and horrible injustice. And then I cried again when I was reminded that this is happening now, these articles are our current affairs, this isn’t an archive I dug up from 2004 and it isn’t a third world country I’m studying – this is here and it’s happening now – so I beg of you if you read anything let it be this beautiful and uttering heartbreaking and eye opening victim statement.