POP THE BUBBLY because it’s a three day weekend with Monday’s glorious May Day bank holiday. When I lived in South Carolina I used to get so annoyed when I saw all my UK friends haven’t random “holidays” and I was working but now I get to be a part of that and I love it! No I seriously love it, there should be more bank holidays, can I vote for that somewhere?

The good thing about a bank holiday is it means I get a whole extra day to plan fun content both here and everywhere else I’m currently contributing, ps I made a handy page for you to keep up with my writings elsewhere (check it out here). Shall we get to the actual weekend reading bit then?

SANTORINI should be visited frequently and for long periods of time in order to really appreciate all the blue/white combos. Also for a small island I’m in love with far too many doors.

Visit Santorini Greece with LnL

STAY CURRENT with theSkimm, fun and conversational news sent right to your email every morning. I won’t be starting my day any other way now. Don’t believe me? I now know all about Apple’s drop in stock and quarterly earning and what set-jetting means, do you?

JUST SAY YES to Shonda Rhimes’ book because well she’s a total badass boss lady who’s saying yes so why aren’t you?

Review of Year of Yes with LnL

I KNOW YOU’RE BUSY so plan ahead with a little meal prep and all my 21 day fix friends can find out how I schedule out our day. It’s just in time too because we’re switching gears in May, I’m re-committing to BBG and Rich is starting Joe Wicks’ 90 Daysss program. Can you say wedding workouts?

STAY HYDRATED with my favourite water fusions which just so happens to be my first contributing post to Graham & Co so go show them a little love too because they’re pretty awesome.

Water Fusion and Detox

GET YOUR PUPPY FIX by following Kendall on instagram for all the day to day laziness that is her life lately. Seriously, get that girl a treadmill she’s looking like a chunky monkey — all those morning bones and late night dental sticks are catching up with her. (I’m joking, she’s a perfectly healthy weight)

Follow Kendall on IG @kendall_labrador

NEW LIFE GOAL lounge in every single one of these pools because well #goals. An extended honeymoon will now need to be discussed to account for said goal.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend my darlings and I hope for all our sakes the sun stays out and beer gardens are enjoyed by all because that’s really what a day off is for. Am I right or am I right?