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A London Bucket List

What is it about living in a new place that all of the sudden you’ve become the authority on the subject? Where to go, what to see and where to eat – as if I’ve been to every little cafe and pub in London (I wish!) regardless, I’ve decided to put together a little bucketlist […]

What To Do This Halloween in London

What To Do This Halloween in London

Halloween in London is a weird experience because well it’s not really the trick-or-treat, decorate your stoop kind of experience, but rather a weekend long drinking fest with an array of diverse outfits and people from every neighbourhood in London. So whether you prefer a night at the museums, a fancy ball or a rave there’s […]

Must See Sights in London

London has any number of iconic sights to see – both historical and modern – the city is an ever expanding and developing place with a lot to offer making it easy to get lost in the mayhem. So whether you prefer exploring old school with your walking shoes, taking the ‘hop on hop off’ […]

Tyneham, A WWII Ghost Town

Before the Second World War, Tyneham was a simple village in Dorset focusing most of their attention on farming. In December 1943, the villagers were moved out by the Royal British Army, prior to Churchill’s War Cabinet deciding to use the area for D-Day preparations. It was thought at the time the villagers would be able […]

Traveling to London on a Budget

Traveling to London on a Budget

London is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in the world, if the plane ticket isn’t enough to make you shudder just have a look at the prices for hotels, cabs, even just a nice cocktail. However, it is possible to experience all the wonderful things London has to offer on a budget. As […]

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