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peanut butter coconut oil dog treats shaped like hearts

5 Drool Worthy Homemade Dog Treats

If there’s anything Kendall loves more than a snack, it’s a homemade snack. Eating any type of fruit trying to make banana bread typically ends with a puddle of drool. I’ve rounded up some of Kendall’s favourites for you to try with your own pup – beware of drool! If you’re looking for quick and […]

Dog Ice Cream Made Simple

The recent heat wave that hit London brought the sounds of summer ice creams and Londoners sun bathing in parks, but chances are your pup didn’t love it quite as much as you. While we loved taking advantage of the sun for long walks and afternoons spent in beer gardens, Kendall was less enthusiastic on day […]

Quick & Easy Everyday Dog Biscuits

I posted this recipe for quick and easy dog biscuits on Instagram this weekend but wanted to have a quick way to remember what I do. After Kendall guilted me with the saddest puppy eyes, I decided to make her some homemade treats – something I haven’t done in a while. Her favourites are pumpkin […]

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Treats

There’s nothing I love more than spoiling Kendall with healthy snacks and alternatives so this week we taste tested some homemade pumpkin dog treats with a little peanut butter twist. The ingredients are simple, no fuss and healthy for dogs making it a guilt free snack for the most treat-loving pup. Ingredients |  1/2 cup […]

What Can and Can't You Fed Your Dog

What Can and Can’t My Dog Eat

The Fourth of July is one of my favourite holidays, one it’s just days after my birthday and two it normally means BBQs and parties – a win win if you ask me. While BBQs and beer are fun for us, they can make our dogs very sick and the last place you want to […]