My skincare routine doesn’t change too often – but recently I’ve added some new amazing products that I just had to share with you. I love to test out new products here and there, like a new nighttime mask or primer but some things I buy over and over again. Today I’m going to list my step-by-step skin care routine.

As I started writing I realised this might seem a little complex and some people are too busy to spend all this time twice a day but at the very least remember the basics: cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate – if at the very least you do those three things twice a day your skin will thank you.

Daily skincare routine

Skincare CleanserNight skincare routine

Skincare - Toner

Eye beauty routine

My makeup remover

Skincare routine - night

    I’ve used the same two products since I first started wearing makeup and I see no point in changing now, my trustee Neutrogena towelettes are my favourite, followed by THIS cleansing water for my eye makeup
  2. 2 | CLEANSER
    my go-to for the last few years is THIS foaming cleanser – it’s gentle, simple and good for your skin; at night I use THIS advanced night cleanser instead
  3. 3 | EXFOLIATE
    depending how my face feels (oily, dry, combo) I may use a different scrub but these are my top three; for when my skin feels a little oily I use THIS oil balancing scrub, and all other times I rotate between THIS pore unclogging scrub and THIS brightening scrub (I use the brightening scrub every AM, while the other two are PM exfoliates)
  4. 4 | TONER
    I use the same toner for day and night except they’re two different “types” THIS one is formauted for night with accelerated rethnology, while THIS one has added SPF 30 for day time use
  5. 5 | EYES
    I’m all for eye care because dark circles are no joke which is why I use two great products twice daily. I use THIS under eye roller by Pixi followed by THIS eye cream
  6. 6 | HYDRATE
    especially with winter setting in and all the traveling I’ve been doing I find my skin is getting dry very quickly so I’m so glad I found THIS cream *side note at night I use a few drops of THIS night repair serum before the cream and I wake up with my skin so refreshed in the mornings* 

After going through all this in the mornings I let everything soak in and absorb before moving onto my primer and makeup – this is normally when I stare at my clothes and hope something jumps out at me.

As for the products listed, I’m all about mixing high end products and drug store brands to get the most out of your money. You’ll notice some things are only $8 while others are $80 but in the end it all balances out in my mind and my skin is worth investing in some good anti-aging and hydrating creams – it’ll pay off in the long run I promise.

Alright, that about wraps it up!! I’ve love to hear your skincare favourites in the comments below.