I’m not going to lie I picked up this book and put it down again about three times before ultimately deciding not to buy it – you heard me right, I didn’t buy it – turns out though that my mother did, meaning that I read it anyway because she said it was ‘soooo good!’ Turns out she was right.

Although the name Mary Kay Andrews sounded familiar I couldn’t remember anything by her, despite my memory gap, I really enjoyed her writing style. The writing was light and flowed from chapter to chapter, so much so that I ended up finishing the book in about three days. The story itself was original and I can genuinely say the ending is not what I expected – but then again if it was predictable that wouldn’t make for a very good story now would it.

I’m always amazed at authors who manage to craft characters who are so different and written so precisely I wonder how they all stemmed from one persons imagination. Andrews characters were just that, each was written beautifully and with a very distinct personality that you felt they could be your friends – or enemies.

Set on the small island Belle Isle off the coast of North Carolina, the story follows Riley Griggs and her family through a tough marriage, along the way you get to meet her brother, mother, aunt, daughter and friends as they uncover the mystery that was her marriage. Although it is in fact a mystery – a kind of who done it when one of the main characters is murdered – I wouldn’t classify it as a mystery novel so much as a beach read or maybe even a family drama.

Ultimately this book as everything – especially everything I look for in a summer lounge by the pool read – romance, drama, humour and mystery, all wrapped up in a nice little package for your reading pleasure.