I’ve finally lost my mind. I somehow believe that 6 weeks into 2018 it’s a good idea to start an insane 100 book challenge. 100 books in one year. More like 100 books in 88% of a year due to the late start!

It started due to a conversation I had with Lena from Happily Ever Adventures – I was so excited for her new book club I ordered the first 3 books and then another 3 for me! Fun fact:

did you know I had a blog before Lattes & Lipstick? I started on Book Tumblr back in 2011

where I wrote book reviews, styled flat lays and drank a lot of tea. All this got me to thinking, I used to read SO much and I loved it. I love the world of books.Β My current record is 112 books in a single year. Which lead to my 100 book challenge.

Calling it a challenge reminded me of the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge that I always wanted to do but never really thought was possible. But I found the list – all 339 books – shown or mentioned during the running of the show. I’ve only read 29 of them, leaving a whooping 310 books to pick from.

You can take a quiz to see how many you’ve read here – let me know how much you’ve already crossed off the list in the comments!

So in addition to Happily Ever Book Club and recommendations from yourselves, I’m hoping to read FIFTY books from the Rory Gilmore Challenge. At this rate, I’ll complete her list in about 6 years ha! And I wonder why I shied away from the list before…

I’m using the free printable from Copper & Boom to inspire me to read them all.

Follow my progress over the year in the dedicated 100 Book Challenge page now in the Top Bar!