Remember when you were a younger and you thought that be this age you’d have your life figured out and be in complete control and know what you were doing with your life? It’s a nice thought. But here we are, nearing 25, lost, confused and wondering just as ever ‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’ at least I am.

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

Reading that made me feel so much better because he’s right, you don’t need to have it all figured out and my Type A-ness just needs to accept it and move on – move forward. However that’s easier said than done. So as with anything in my life I felt some research was in order, not the normal academic keyword searches but rather I took to my trusty bookcase to find the best books to get through this quarter life crisis.

GIRLS IN WHITE DRESSES by Jennifer Close || It might seem hypocritical but this book is great for all those girls who are surrounded by people entering the “engaged/long term/settling down” part of their lives and you feel like you’re hanging out on the side alone forever. Regardless this is a must read recommendation from me as it’s made previous reading lists on LnL.

20-SOMETHING, 20-EVERYTHING by Christine Hassler || This book might not be for everyone has it’s kind of a self-help approach with space to write and work through your feelings. Wow, that sounds weird, I promise it’s not weird and the stories and advice are second to none.

DON’T WORRY, IT GETS WORSE by Alide Nugent || Ever read the blog The Frenemy? No? You should and then you should go buy this book ASAP it’s like talking to your witty, snarky and far too relatable friend tell you a story. Best enjoyed over cocktails on the beach.

NICE IS JUST A PLACE IN FRANCE by “The Betches” || Another book to be enjoyed over cocktails — warning: if you’re someone who takes themselves too seriously this might not be the book for you. With life tips ranging from Don’t be easy to don’t be ugly, “the Betches” give it to your straight and help you laugh through your crisis.

BITCHES ON A BUDGET by Rosalyn Hoffman || For those with big ambitious plans and not enough money, Hoffman becomes your travel agent, therapist, life coach and fashion expert all rolled into one with tips on how to make your money go further and give you financial stability.

WHAT I KNOW NOW by Ellyn Spragin || I really love this book, I love all advice type books probably because I love getting and giving advice but even if you’re someone who hates getting advice give this one a go. The book is filled with encouraging words from women who’ve actually survived their 20s and experienced their own quarter life crisis, presented as a collection of letters to their younger selves from the likes of Maya Angelou to Nora Roberts.

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

Are you in a quarter life crisis? What got your through? Any books I missed or suggestions, let me know below!