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2 must read books for dog lovers

One Nation Under Dog An insightful and funny look into America’s pet obsession and the explosion of the billion dollar industry over the past generation. Schaffer provides a surprising and lively portrait of our country as how we treat our pets reflects evolving ideas about domesticity, consumerism, politics, and family through this fabulously reported and […]

peanut butter coconut oil dog treats shaped like hearts

5 Drool Worthy Homemade Dog Treats

If there’s anything Kendall loves more than a snack, it’s a homemade snack. Eating any type of fruit trying to make banana bread typically ends with a puddle of drool. I’ve rounded up some of Kendall’s favourites for you to try with your own pup – beware of drool! If you’re looking for quick and […]

Weekend Reads: July 2018

I’m bringing back an oldie but a goodie – my weekend reads series. For those of you who are new or don’t remember what this means, it was a weekly feature where one of three things would happen, either: I summed up my favourite headlines from around social media, blogs, newspapers etc into a reference […]

Muddy Dog Challenge with Battersea

First and foremost, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED we exceeded our goal of £100 and had the most amazing time. For those who don’t know what the Muddy Dog Challenge is – it’s exactly as it sounds, a Muddy 5k to complete with your dog. Think Tough Mudder meets Colour Run energy and a […]

Staci & Co Shop Launch!

It’s official! The Staci & Co shop is open and ready for orders! This has been a long time in the making and for my 25th birthday I decided to give myself the gift of courage. Courage to share these funny designs with you, courage to put myself out there and own how much of […]

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