Challenge Yourself

Anna Thursdays

Normally when I tell Rich this or that event is happening he reluctantly agrees but there was no hesitation when it came to Anna, no sooner had the words champagne and food left my mouth that he was agreeing. Not only did he accompany me and allow me to take far too many pictures in […]

An Unidentifiable Accent

After a year living abroad I’ve found myself in a funny place, I no longer feel at home here or there. I have rediscovered my need to travel and escape the everyday by spending hours looking at vacations and the occasional job listing throughout Europe. I’m once again lusting over foreign places and calculating how […]

Designing Your Day

STEP ONE: FIND THE RIGHT PLANNER Recently I’ve had friends reach out about how I stay so organised and all the planning I do to make sure it stays that way so I thought I’d share a few secrets. Everything starts with finding the right planner for you, do you need a weekly planner, just […]

Weekend Reading: 05.02.16

A little late but I was sick these last few days and sitting up to even type seemed like a struggle of the highest degree. I did manage to watch about half the movies on Sky’s Valentines Day collection in between naps, so I consider that a bonus. Despite that I really wanted to share a few […]

What I Learned from Grad School

Through the course of completing my Masters and working on my dissertation, I have learned a very important lesson about higher education: the more you learn, the less you actually know. Ultimately grad school is one part self-doubt, one part criticism and one part stress. Just when you think you have figured something out and […]

Weekend Reading: 22.01.16

This week was a busy one, my dissertation was finished and submitted, I began working full time and I took on a new blogging opportunity (more on that later). The transition from student to full time employee is a first for me. When I graduated from University of South Carolina I immediately began my Master’s. […]

My Heartfelt Thanks

The day is finally here, it’s the day I submit my dissertation! While this dissertation has become my baby over the last year I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of those closest to me. Although I wish I could recreate my entire dissertation here because I’m so proud of it, I doubt […]

Zucchini Noodles & Fiesta Shrimp

This is perhaps the easiest thing I’ve made in a long time. Nothing but spiralised zucchini and some spicy shrimp. It’s simplisty means that’s it’s not so much a recipe as two real ingredients and whatever spices you want. Steps: Heat 2 Tbsp coconut oil in your pan over medium heat. Toss your shrimp in […]

Resolutions and Reminiscing

2015 was a wonderful year, I got to move to London, attend Westminster for my degree, found a job which I truly love and most importantly after 2 years of back and forth long distance Rich and I finally got to move in together and start a new chapter in our relationship. The end 2015 […]

How to balance studying and work

Books Read in 2015

I first got into blogging through Tumblr as a way to share ideas and reviews on books and see what everyone else was reading because I always running out of books to read. In 2014 I read over 80 books throughout the year and although I knew it would be different this year working and studying for […]