Challenge Yourself

Meal Prep 101

Sunday’s meal planning sessions are always a puzzle for me, trying to figure out where all the containers fit into the day. But it’s helped me keep my carb intake at a minimum (confession, carbs are my favourite food group) while forcing me to eat more proteins and veggies (always a struggle). At first planning your […]

Traveling to Athens

Happy in Athens

After our quick day in Amsterdam we rushed back to the airport to catch our connecting flight to Athens where we arrived at our hotel past 2 am completely exhausted. I’m pretty sure I could have slept for hours but with only a day in Athens we rallied, had brunch and were out and about walking […]

Seeing Amsterdam in a Day

Amsterdam in a Day

Flying from London to Athens we had an eight hour layover in Amsterdam — on purpose. The Amsterdam airport is so close to the city that we stored our bags at the airport and hoped on the train to see Amsterdam in a day. Not wanting to spend our precious time in doors for most of […]

Weekend Reads on Lattes & Lipstick

Weekend Reading: 8.04.16

It’s weekend reading time and after what feels like forever of just reading academic journals I finally have a new stack of fresh books thanks to the Trendy Sparrow’s Book Club I know I’ve mentioned this book club before but I just love it. It is my definite go to place when I need new books […]

Intro to Water Detox

WHAT IS IT There are people out there who will say that to really do a water detox you need to be drinking just water, that’s ridiculous. No person can or should be sustained based on water, no matter what fusions you add to it. Needless to say this is not that type of detox. […]

How to balance studying and work

Balancing Work and School

Working part time while studying can be scary and overwhelming but sometimes it’s necessary, like when you move to London at 21 to go to school and spend your savings on tuition alone. Working part time alongside my studies could be challenging at times but like everything in life it’s about finding the right balance. Part of me […]

Giveaway | Vacation Lookbook

Getaway Lookbook

It’s giveaway time! If you follow L&L on Facebook then you already knew this was coming, if you don’t well go like it now to get the behind the scenes information. I’ve teamed up with a group of other bloggers to give you a chance to win $175 PayPal cash, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of […]

A Note on Books

Every book you read becomes a new room in your head — and I want to live in a mansion of people, universes, centuries, and phrases. There’s an air about someone who’s gallivanted, joyously, through a library in their early years that I revere — far more than I revere someone who has travelled the […]

Falling in Love Abroad

Dating and falling in love while studying abroad, whether it be a few weeks or an entire year can be terrifying. I know because I’ve been there and it’s perfectly normal. I fought it for a long time and finally accepting it was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. Yes, you have an finite amount […]

Weekend Reading: 11.03.16

How has it already been 5 weeks since my last weekend reading series? It feels like I went from having hours and hours of time to blog and comb the internet for the best finds each week to now finding myself scrambling everyday to just plan dinner and remember to check my emails. But enough […]