I can’t be the only one who finds Valentine’s Day difficult to shop for right? I mean we just had Christmas and my gift giving ideas haven’t really refreshed since then. Personally I prefer the classics – a nice night out with a fancy dinner or a weekend getaway filled with room service and no dishes for the entire weekend, sounds nice to me. As nice as that sounds it doesn’t make for a very good gift guide does it? I’ve been racking my brain trying to think what gifts I’ve given in the past and I honestly can’t name a single one – they were obviously very memorable – but guys are just really hard to shop for.

I did my best to find some cute gifts for him and her to meet any price point from a flirty phone case to a new fitness tech there’s something for everyone. Shop everything below and let me know what’s your favourite Valentine’s Day you’ve ever gotten?

And if all else fails when gift searching for the “him” in your life I’ve found that booze are the best gift. With a nice bottle of gin my guy is more than happy. And a little insider tip for you guys: a handwritten note in the card is more important than a high price tag.

Oh and don’t forget your little four legged friend with a little plush toy from Petsmart, a special box of treats or a maybe some chicken in their bowl for a surprise. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! xx