So you’re thinking about dating a girl who has a pup – but do you have an idea what you’re getting yourself in to? Dog owners are extremely loyal individuals, they chose to get a pup knowing for the next 10-15 years they would be responsible for caring and loving for another living being. This loyalty will transfer into any relationship you have with them but remember that they choose this lifestyle – an independent lifestyle. She’s a girl who’s used to exploring with her dog by herself from long walks to solo hikes, her dog is part of the family – there is NO difference between human members of the family and canine ones. And if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s ten things that happen when you date a dog owner;

  1. You’ll never get the bed to yourself – Fido is always there, it was their bed first after all
  2. You’re you constant competition to see who she loves most but you’re too afraid to ask because you’re pretty sure you know the answer
  3. Whenever you’re out, there’s always someone else on her mind
  4. Trips to the beach don’t just mean sunscreen and a towel – they mean dog friendly, toys, fresh water, bowls, food and everything else in her apartment
  5. “Couple” photos are never just about the two of you (not even your wedding photos)
  6. Movie night often involves a third wheel who jumps on the couch and snuggles between you both for maximum attention
  7. Her dog has more followers than you on Instagram that requires you to take pictures daily and on every walk you take
  8. When she says “hey, baby” you never know if she’s talking to you or the dog
  9. Dog hair is everywhere – your car, your work, your apartment where the dog as never been
  10. You have to explain to people that her “baby” is a dog and just to go with it

Bottom line, if you love the pup as much as they do then you’re golden!