We celebrated 5 years this November – which feels crazy. But apparently it’s true. If you read my Instagram caption from last week, you’ll already know the story behind our “old” anniversary but just in case…

It wasn’t until over a year of being together we realised we didn’t have an anniversary. We knew it was in the fall so we vaguely celebrated around that time. Well it really bugged me, so I decided to try and do some detective work to figure it out. I knew our first date was in November so I started there, however despite way too much time spent I couldn’t figure out the actual date – and knowing that I suck at dates I’d probably forget it anyway – so I kind of gave up. Until I had a “genius” idea.

I’ll make the date easy to remember. And even though Rich claims it’s not easy, I disagree. Ready for some math? I knew that I’d remember ‘12 because that’s the year I studied abroad. And we’d already decided on November (11) so I added them. Simple. The date would be the 23rd. aka 23 Nov 2012. I mean what’s not simple about that??

So five years later we have a “new” anniversary: 26 Aug 2017 (a date that I just had to look up and confirm…awkward…but I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m horrible with dates). Despite having a wedding anniversary it feels silly to start over at one – I mean we have five years under our belt already, we’ve changed so much as individuals and as a couple, so I feel like that deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

For our first anniversary, my sister did a mini photo session for us (which Rich hated and complained through the whole time), but it resulted in a photo that’s hung above our bed for four years now!!

Despite all the beautiful photos we’ve had together over the years, I never thought to change it but then I had an idea. How fun would it be to change the photo with the seasons?

The original was taken in the Winter, our wedding photos are Summer, our engagement in the Spring, but we don’t have any real Autumn photos – until now…

Huge massive thanks to Ioana for coming along for our Sunday walk to capture true and authentic (although sometimes forced on Rich) moments. Kendall was able to just be herself and run crazy and spas over sticks and treats until her heart was content. I can’t wait to work on future projects together.

Let me know your favourite photo and maybe it will become our new autumn photo for our room!