Graduating University of South Carolina

Three years of warmth and sunshine in South Carolina, I’ve finally ready to graduate and make the move to London to complete my Masters. I’m still attempting to figure out the finer details of blogging and moving to another country so I thought I would take a little break to share with you my graduation photos thanks to Jenn Stevenson Photography because it’s FINALLY graduation day at USC and I’m so excited to be finished.


DSC_3673 copy 2


DSC_3700 copy

DSC_3746 copy

DSC_3753 copy

I’m so happy to say I’m now a college graduate with a BA in Criminology & Criminal Justice and minor in International Relations and will be starting my MA in International Security at University of Westminster in just under a months time. These photos were taken when I was back in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving (hence the snow) but I knew I wanted some nice pictures of me – and Kendall – to celebrate this accomplishment and I’m so happy I did, they all turned out even better than I could have imagined. The snow made it such a cold shoot day but I’m so happy we stuck it out and I went with the red coat because they might be my favorite pictures against the snow.

Happy Graduation Day! Officially a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina!

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