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Why I'm throwing out my editorial calendar after 2 years of blogging

Throwing Out My Editorial Calendar

I’m throwing out my editorial calendar. And I don’t just mean figuratively, I mean I’ve literately crossed everything off my list and THROWN AWAY my planner that was specifically for blog planning. This probably makes me seem crazy but I promise I’m not (well not this time) – I have a reason. I just hope […]

Lust Worthy Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Hosting and planning a Thanksgiving dinner is stressful enough – trust me, I’ve been there, I know and I feel your pain – but you know what my favourite part of it all is? Decorating the table! There’s just something about those little touches of name cards and personal menus that pull together the whole […]

10 Ultimate #BloggerProblems

Let’s face it we’ve all been there, making our S.O. snap dozens of photos everywhere we go, make sure our friends don’t eat their food before we take some pictures, arrange flatlays without thinking, we’re drawn to white everything and see the Target $5 bin as your next best friend – and those are just […]

Weekend Reads: 15.10.16

IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL | so break out the rich fall shades — for nail polish, lipsticks and sweaters — so why not check out my favourites for lipstick and the best nail polish according to Glamour NEW YORK FASHION WEEK | apart from the insane amount of Instagram updates and posts flooding my feed of fashion week […]

5 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

5 No-Carve Pumpkins

I love carving pumpkins but I also love no-carve pumpkins which is why I compiled my 5 favourite ideas and inspiration for the perfect no-carve pumpkin. WHITE & GOLD | white pumpkins are so popular right now and personally they’re my favourite with a little gold lettering STRIPES & DOTS | both simple and cute they […]

What's New on Lattes & Lipstick - a trip to Cassis, France

Weekend Reads: 29.07.16

FLEX FIT DANCE | did you see last weeks posts from our very first contributor, Roslyn Rachel?! If you haven’t already check out her post on what the hell to do with all that coconut water you bought but never used because well – yuck – then check it out now because she’s a genius! […]

From Matriculation to Graduation

I’ve been to many graduations in my time both as a guest and graduate – Wednesday’s graduatation ceremony from University of Westminster marks my eighth graduation. Despite having received my degree and formally finishing my education and time at Westminster six months ago, there’s something about the robes and formality of a ceremony to make […]

Weekend Reads: 10.06.16

At University my lectures always told me I was too emotional, too invested in the stories and cases I would read and I needed to detach myself – that’s the one subject I can proudly say I failed. If there’s only one thing you read all week, all month, let it be this, the victim […]

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