Weekend Reads: July 2018

I’m bringing back an oldie but a goodie – my weekend reads series. For those of you who are new or don’t remember what this means, it was a weekly feature where one of three things would happen, either:

  1. I summed up my favourite headlines from around social media, blogs, newspapers etc into a reference guide
  2. I focused on one story that really spoke to me and give an in depth option and feedback
  3. I give a mini roundup of what I’ve actually been reading – and listening – to that week

I used to ready enjoy this series and as I try and balance my new job with the blog and everything else we having going on, I think it’ll be a really good way to ease back into things. My hope is to continue sharing two long posts a month and mix in the occasional “weekend reads” when something sparks my interest.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the two biggest things that happened last month weren’t my birthday and the launch of our shop. The pair of them have been consuming my thoughts for the better part of 3 months and on top of it all, I started a new job last week!

Let’s start at the beginning of the month – my birthday. I turned 25 and I couldn’t be happier, but mostly because I convinced Rich to take these matching photos!! If you look closely his shirt has flamingos and so does Kendall’s collar! And to top it off we had snacks and wine in the sunshine at my favourite place. Not only was the day perfect but it really set a good precedent for the year.

That brings us to the shop. This is something I’ve been toying with but never really had the courage to follow through with and whilst waiting to start my new job I had 6 weeks at home with Kendall and it really felt like ‘if not now, then when?’ So I did it! Please have a look and let me know what you think and what items and designs you want to see from the shop in its first year.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering about this new job I keep talking about, but it’s only been a week so give me so time. I will say it’s completely different from my last role but I can already tell it’s going to be full of opportunities for me to put my creative spin on things.

About the author
Staci West is an obsessive compulsive traveller who is currently dealing with a chronic case of coffee addicition. Symptoms include blackouts from online shopping sessions, a ferocious passion for everything colourful and energy levels that exceed a normal human capacity. On the advice of her carer and companion, Kendall her yellow labrador, she created L&L, a down to Earth lifestyle blog, as a distraction for her pathological need for shoes.

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