A London Bucket List

What is it about living in a new place that all of the sudden you’ve become the authority on the subject? Where to go, what to see and where to eat – as if I’ve been to every little cafe and pub in London (I wish!) regardless, I’ve decided to put together a little bucketlist for those visiting. If you’re having a short trip I’d start with the 8 must see things in London but if you have a bit more time, why not tick some of these off your list and really impress your friends when you get back from your holidays.

Once you’ve done the usual Ben Big, London Eye and snapped a picture with a red telephone box – take a little adventure around and get some real London experiences under your belt.

  1. Afternoon Tea at a proper posh place, the price tag will make you gasp but I guarantee it’s a story you’ll tell for months after you leave
  2. See a show whether it’s on the West End or a little threate in Wimbledon, seeing a show in London is a right of passage
  3. Westminster Abbey is a crazy busy place to visit but double check the opening hours and book a tour if you can to make sure you get the most of the craziness
  4. Kensington Palace & Gardens may not be as famous as Hyde Park but it’s still one of my favourite gardens in London when I want to waste the day away wandering in the sunlight
  5. Markets! Markets! Markets! It doesn’t matter which one you go to, just go we- Portbello Market is arguably the most famous (it’s the first one I went to) but Camden market or the London flower market is just as much fun and just as local
  6. Sunday Roasts are something that still continue to confuse me, it’s practically a mini Thanksgiving every Sunday – which seems like too much for me but nonetheless it’s an English tradition worth giving a go
  7. Somerset House in the winter for ice shaking is magical but if it’s any other season, strike a pose and pretend you’re part of any number of fashion events that take place there throughout the year
  8. Shoreditch Thrif Shopping is not really my cup of tea normally to be completely honest but I have seen some fun vintage pieces that are worth the hit and miss experience – and if nothing else, Shoreditch it definetly a new side to London for many tourists
  9. Go to a football match – doesn’t really matter who if I’m being completely honest, just go for the experience and the atmosphere above all else – but always cheer for the home team πŸ˜‰
  10. Oxford Street & Regent Street are the perfect destination for some window shopping – and if you want to buy something, don’t fret there’s H&M, Topshop and many other more affordable brands to statisfy your itch
  11. The British Museum and V&A Museum are some of my top places for a rainy day – since most of the museums in London are free, there’s really no excuse not to broaden your horizons
  12. Piccadilly Circus at Night is up there with Time Square at night, the bright lights make you want to do a 360 in the center and stare in awe – it’s okay, just do it.
  13. Full English Breakfasts another large source of food for your weekend but preferable to Sunday Roast because well bacon and eggs – duh!
  14. Harrods you can’t not go to Harrods if you have the time – you don’t need to buy anything (although I recommend getting a small something just for the Harrods bag)
  15. Fish & Chips the ultimate food experience – little tip: if you want to be a local, you need to get it from a whole in the wallΒ take away shop – although a restaurant will do just as well in a pinch

If you’ve been to London how many of these have to done? What else would you recommend to those visiting London for the first time?

And if you really got time – why not take a day trip somewhere to explore even more??

About the author
Staci West is an obsessive compulsive traveller who is currently dealing with a chronic case of coffee addicition. Symptoms include blackouts from online shopping sessions, a ferocious passion for everything colourful and energy levels that exceed a normal human capacity. On the advice of her carer and companion, Kendall her yellow labrador, she created L&L, a down to Earth lifestyle blog, as a distraction for her pathological need for shoes.

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