Review of The Clifton Inn in Virigina

Checking In: The Clifton Inn

From the very moment we drove up the gravel drive, the southern girl inside of me was in seventh heaven, the big colonial house, the flowers upon flowers and the welcoming staff I was instantly reminded of all the reasons I had moved to the South for college.

Review of The Clifton Inn in Virigina

After hiking 3 some miles in 100+ heat, arriving at the Clifton Inn felt like a mirage, it took all my will not to jump into the pool in my clothes. The property boasts 17 guest houses – we stayed in the Meriwether Lewis room in the detached cottage around the back of the main house – as well as having a restaurant, pool, private lake, gardens and walking trails all located on the property.

Review of the Clifton Inn in VirginiaReview of the Clifton Inn in Virginia Review of the Clifton Inn in Virginia

Our room, had a beautiful stone and exposed brick interior with the plushest white linen, which gave us some food for thought when looking for our next place to live. As beautiful and cool as the room was, there’s hardly a reason to stay inside – despite the humidity outside.

Review of the Clifton Inn in Virginia Review of the Clifton Inn in VirginiaReview of the Clifton Inn in VirginiaThe best part of there activities was the accessibly to bring Kendall along with us, from the river walk trail just outside our bedroom to the views of the lake and even breakfast on the terrace; Kendall was welcomed with open arms by every member of staff – and even the guests!

Review of the Clifton Inn in Virginia

I’m the first to admit I can get nervous bringing Kendall to hotels as not everyone is happy to see an 80lb dog running up to the front desk to help check in or they forget to bring her out water but nothing was further from the truth at The Clifton Inn. When I asked if it was okay for her to get on the bed – or if they preferred me to put a towel down etc – she kindly replied ‘dog friendly means dog friendly, don’t worry about it’ – she wasn’t kidding either, not only did they have water for her at breakfast but bones as well to keep her happy. The only thing I regret from our stay was not staying on a Thursday so we could experience their Yappy Hour (5:30-7:30pm) for the dogs on the front lawn featuring house made dog treats.

Review of the Clifton Inn in Virginia

We genuinely didn’t want to leave, in fact I believe we checked out with 2 minutes to spare because we didn’t want to waste a single moment of our time on the property. We took our time to enjoy the complimentary breakfast – a yogurt parfait with fruit and biscuits – and even had a some eggs off the menu to make it into a proper brunch experience before heading out for another day of hiking. I can say without a doubt, we will back at The Clifton Inn for future visits and now we know to give ourselves a few days of just laying by the pool because it’s perfection.

Review of the Clifton Inn in Virginia

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    1. Hi Tori, you know I didn’t ask about dogs in the pool because Kendall was already knackered from our hike (but I can check on that). I know, I’m really disappointed we missed Yappy Hour too but just gives an excuse to go back – who doesn’t want discount drinks and appetisers while your dogs play nearby 😀 😀

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