I’m throwing out my editorial calendar. And I don’t just mean figuratively, I mean I’ve literately crossed everything off my list and THROWN AWAY my planner that was specifically for blog planning. This probably makes me seem crazy but I promise I’m not (well not this time) – I have a reason. I just hope it’s a good reason…

Part of my ‘day job’ is marketing for the company and a few weeks ago we had a journalist come in to research an article. I was in full PR mode – big, happy smiles and overly cheerful about everything – obviously very excitied to read the article AND to see some of my photography in print (other than for advertisements). This week, we got the draft copy of the article. It didn’t take but a few sentences for the smile to fade and my excitement gone. The article wasn’t anything like we expected, the journalist went in a completely different direction and it added no substance to the company. It was basically 1,500 words of lack lustre facts and air – it did nothing to explain who we are as a business and definetly didn’t achieve what PR Staci was expecting.

My initial reaction was anger but after thinking on it and re-reading the article about a dozen times my anger turned to confusion. Had we done something to suggest this was our message? Were we unclear? At the end of the day, I just wouldn’t settle for the article and a re-write was done before they went to print. I’m sure that particular journalist won’t be knocking on my door any time soon but it made me stop and think. I was so quick to say ‘no article’ than to publish a second rate article, yet when it comes to the blog I’m far too guilty of quantity over quality, which I know is wrong.

At the beginning of every month I make out an editorial calendar, which features two new posts a week, it was even my New Years resolution to be better about keeping to my scheerleader. Yet here we are. Less than half way through the year and I’m throwing out my editorial calendar. I will admit there’s nothing as satisfying as checking off everything in my blog planner, but ultimately it’s a huge stress in my life – just the sight of it makes me cringe some days because I know nothing’s scheduled and another week has gone without writing. But the truth is, sometimes life just gets in the way.

What does this all mean for L&L? Well, hopefully it means more meaningful and thaughty out posts for you and a lot less stress for me. It means some weeks might have three posts and some none. It means that sometimes life gets in the way and it doesn’t give a shit about your plans or your schedule.

It means that I’m choosing to focus on QUALITY instead of quantity and that’s a decision I can be proud of – even if it does mean breaking one of my New Years resolutions.

I don’t ever want to put out something that I’m not 100% proud of, that’s not me, not really, and I’m so ashamed and embarrassed that I let myself fall into that trap. Not any more. From now on, anything and everything published is content I’m completely in love with myself.

Honest Disclosure Note: While part of me wants to go back and delete dozens of posts that make me want to hid under the covers because it’s so horrible, I’m not going to because this blog is all about progress – such as with life. As with every other decision I’ve made, I’m not ashamed and I don’t want to bury them to project this ‘perfect’ version. No one is perfect and I don’t claim to be in any respects and I hope this shows that. 

whether or not to use an editorial calendar when blogging and why I choose not to use one to stay authentic and honest />