Assateague Island

Relax & Recharge: Assateague Island

Rich & I desperately tried to take a ‘weddingmoon’ – it’s probably one of the few “trends” I’ve really been behind but unfortunately life and work got in the way and plans changed. The good thing is we did get to have two nights away in Ocean City, MD just the week before the wedding to do nothing but sit outside and sip wine.

I’m lucky enough to have an amazing aunt and uncle who live there to show us around AND take us to Assateague Island where we were able to drive right up on the beach for these amazing photos (Post Sponsored by Tobi). 

Assateague Island Assateague Island Assateague Island Assateague Island Assateague Island

Personally, I think a weddingmoon is a great idea – even just two nights away was enough for me to put wedding plans outside of my mind and focus on what really matters. In this case, we got to make lasting memories with my family members and work a little on our tans. There’s something about being close to the sea that’s just good for your soul. When you look out at the water in front of you, no beginning or end, something as tiny as seating charts and what colour flowers simply fades from your memory.

The only downside? I sincerely wished we were able to stay longer or even took a proper ‘weddingmoon’ like we had planned – but once again, life doesn’t care about your plans. All is good and I can sip my rose while filling out those pesky seating cards while listening to the sounds of the ocean and imagine I’m back again…

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Assateague Island

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