Review of L'Oreal Clay Mask and HUM Nutrition

May Skincare Review

Full disclosure, my skin lately has been YUCK! Every morning I find new breakouts and extra redness – not to mention the darkness under my eyes is not cute, causing me to go through my concealer far too quickly. So this month I decided to try out some new products and routines to try and combat this horribleness.

I kept it simple, a new cleanser and added vitamins.

SKINCARE | I swapped my Daily Brightening Cleanser for L’Oreals Pure Clay Detox Wash twice a day. I then combined that with the Pure Clay Detox Mask twice a week. And finally since I was getting a overload of charcoal, I switched back to the original Biore pore strips, once weekly.

Review of L'Oreal Clay Mask and HUM Nutrition

VITAMINS | After doing some research, I decided to give HUM Nutrition a try. I took their quiz and quickly got my results. They recommended three vitamins: Red Carpet, Daily Cleanse, and OMG! Omega the Great. I ended up only going for the Red Carpet and then adding two more (Base Control & Wing Man) based on reviews/comments/descriptions because I felt they better represented what I wanted.

When I told Rich I was ordering new vitamins (and he saw the price tag) he was skeptical. And when I had to pay a £15 customs charge on top of it so that I could actually get them…well let’s just say he’s not a huge fan of spending £45 a month for vitamins (which is the 90 day plan and includes the customs fee). Normally I wouldn’t be either – actually normally I wouldn’t even consider it but with the wedding just 3 months away now is the time to be sorting out my skin. Oh the things we do for beauty…am I right ladies?

Review of L'Oreal Clay Mask and HUM Nutrition


Since I had to wait for the vitamins to be shipped from the US it means I’ve completed 3 weeks of my skincare routine and two weeks with the vitamins.

Two weeks after switching up my skincare I was already noticing a big difference. For starters, my pores seems smaller and my skin brighter. The redness had gone down and my breakouts were starting to clear up. yay! The start of week three I did my pore strip and the most amazing thing happened – NOTHING came off! I couldn’t believe it, so I did another one (probably not recommended but oh well) and still nothing. The charcoal was really deep cleaning and “detoxing” my skin. IDEAL. Makes me want to experiment with the other two L’Oreal Clay Masks – the “Glow Mask” with red algae & “Purity Mask” with eucalyptus.

To the honestly of full disclosure I’m not the best at taking vitamins – I literately always forget – so when I say two weeks, it’s really the 10 days that I remembered. Even just remembering 10 days has made a huge improvement.

Here’s a breakdown of what each vitamin was aimed at according to HUM Nutrition’s website:

Red Carpet – seemed to be the most popular on their website and was recommended for me, “for glowing skin & shiny fuller hair in 6 weeks” hydrating hair and skin cells

Base Control – it’s basically you’re multi-vitamin to “support overall health and support for vision, skin, immunity, energy, and proper growth”

Wing Man – “widely used for liver detox & related dark circles”

So I said I saw a huge improvement right? Wanna know where I saw the hugest improvement? My dark circles – seriously it’s the best they’ve ever looked and it’s just been 2 weeks. Wing Man is definitely a must from me. They estimate the Red Carpet takes 6 weeks to see effects, which I can understand but because I’ve been combining with my masks regularly I’m already noticing a glow back in my skin. As for noticing any differences in my hair, not so much, but again it’s just been 2 weeks.

That just leaves Base Control, and quite frankly I can take it or leave it, it’s just a very expensive multi-vitamin and quite frankly I think I’ll be switching back to my gummies multi vitamins after this is over because I can’t honestly say I notice any difference.

Overall I’m really happy with how things are progressing, it feels like I’m actually starting to figure out and refine my routine and my skin is improving slowly but surely. If I was going to try anything else from HUM it would be the Raw Beauty – Vanilla & Berry to boost energy and metabolism. I’ve seen a lot more of this on social media recently and read more reviews since ordering my box and it sounds like a winner. So don’t be surprised if you see a review for that some time in the future.


If you’re interested in HUM Nutrition use code 12A1B3 for $10 off your first order (this is a referral code, so you save $10 and I save $10 on my next box, so thank you!). OH and get another $10 off when you take their personalised quiz to find out what products they recommend.

You can view my full skincare routine more in depth here – and in the meantime let me know what you do to combat breakouts and sudden changes in your skin. What are you go-to products?

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