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January Beauty Roundup

I know January is meant to be a no spend month because of the whole Christmas thing but well I can’t help myself – I went a little crazy with all the beauty spending last month so I decided to share them with you and maybe save you a little trial and error.

M A K E U P ||

My Favourite Purchases: hands down it was Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer – the tiniest bit covers my under eyes and any little blemishes or touches of red. Bonus it blends perfectly with my Double Wear Foundation that I normally use for “full makeup.” However, I’ve been on the lookout for a lighter foundation for more everyday wear and decided to try Pixi H20 Skintint. It’s definitely light like I was looking for, however the coverage isn’t great since it’s moisturer based. I can see myself using this as a foundation a lot in the summer when I don’t want/need all the coverage. My skin gets very dry and you see a lot of my undertone reds in the winter that the skintint just doesn’t cover.

My Worst Purchase: I was really let down by Maybelline’s MasterCamo, maybe I was expecting too much from the beginning? As I mentioned I have definitely have redness in the winter so I was eager to try this correcting palette – the first time I tried it absolutely nothing so I thought maybe it’s me, I’m not a makeup person so I watched a YouTube video (classic) and then tried again following step by step yet there was still no difference between just putting some of my concealer on the spots – goes to show how great the double wear concealer is I guess too. Ultimately it was just a let down.

January Beauty Roundup

S K I N C A R E ||

After my in depth look at my skincare routine, I think it’s clear that I love my skincare products – waayyyy more than makeup. So this January I invested in the biggest thing for my skin – the Clarisonic MIA FIT! I used to have a Clarisonic years ago and I loved it, however in all my moves and travels it got misplaced and after almost a year without it I’ve finally replaced it and couldn’t be happier. With my hyper sensitive skin I’m always super cautious with new things and even the Clarisonic I use the acne brush head every other day as to not irritate my skin.

Having sensitive skin can make shopping for products difficult unless of course you know that the brand is truly for sensitive skin peeps – like Bioderma. A special thanks to Bioderma for allowing me to sample some complimentary products without fear for my skin because the moisturising makeup removing micelle solution changed my life. Let’s take a minute, moisturising makeup remover that’s easy on the skin and super effective – I took off all my full makeup with just 3 cotton balls!

Since it’s me and I love my routines I followed it up with the moisturising concentrate serum for very dehydrated skin because “hello windy winter days my skin hates you, kay bye” – and my skin felt so smooth, it soaked up the serum and absolutely zero irritation. Oh! And for when it’s not winter I already have my eyes set on the shine-control moisturiser because summer unfortunately means my skin will be the dreaded combo/oil and I need a pile of stuff on my counter to control the shine.

January Beauty Roundup

January Beauty Roundup

S H O P || 

Did you try any new products this January or have something you’ve been curious about and want me to give it a go for next month’s round-up? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. This will definitely do that – and if you use makeup towelettes now or even remover on cotton balls, I bet this remover will end up being cheaper in the long run too

  1. I’ve recently become super fascinated with make-up and skin care! For years I just had the same old routine and didn’t really take the time to look for new products. I would love to try the Bioderma line as it is affordable and your review has sold me!

    1. I used to be the same way, had the same routine for probably 6 years but now I love to mix it up and see what does and doesn’t work. Definitely recommend trying some of these products when/if you decide to branch out!

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