Favourite Skincare for Sensitive/Dry Skin

The current Sephora sale has me inspired to finally share an update skincare post.

I’ve had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember and due to medication for rosacea my skin recently has been left very dry. When I was living in South Carolina I didn’t see the effects nearly as much because of all the sunlight. I wore less foundation because I had a sun glow 80% of the year. However since moving to London I’ve found my skin is increasingly dry and an overall pain to deal with.

After experimenting with a number of different products, high end and budget I’m happy to share the products that work for me. Some of the products might seem familiar as they’re from my original skincare post – these are my die hard favourites – but there’s a few new MVPs that are super affordable!

OLDIES BUT GOODIES | these are the products I’ve used for years, they’re great for sensitive skin and make my skin an even as possible. Estee Lauder is my go to for premium skincare. In the mornings, I use their Day Wear cream under my makeup and in the evenings use the revitalising supreme+ with the advanced night repair eye cream and face serum. I should mention, I also tested their multi-action cleanser which I loved, but in the end opted to go back to my simple foaming cleanser due to price saving.

NEW FAVOURITES | I love my Estee Lauder products and I know in years to come I’ll be thankful I didn’t skimp on the high end skin products but when it comes to hydration there are so many products that are affordable and do a good job. My favourite combo is L’Oreal Hydra Genius & Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost. First thing I do after a hot shower is use Hydro Boost to get some instant hydration back into my skin. I’ll use the Hydra Genius in mornings before the above, letting it soak in completely before using any additional products – aka coffee break.

Another great change was being more on top of my water intake. There is definitely a link between getting all my water in to healthier looking skin. I’ve also been using L’Oreal’s Pure Clay range more regularly. Charcoal cleanser (x2 week), and either Red Algae mask or Charcoal mask once a week. I’ve also seen an anti-pores mask with Moroccan Lava Clay and I’m so curious, probably going to be the next one I try once my Red Algae is empty.

Now what other goodies can we find in the Sephora sale…since it’s very well known that I’m no beauty expert and use very minimal products, I’m just going to link everything I own/use regularly because if I can use them, anyone can.

I’ve used some of these products for YEARS and I still swear by them. Newest ones are YSL foundation & Estee Lauder primer. Both of which I love and continue to buy despite the sad feeling I get when the cashier says the total – which is why the Sephora VIB Sale is the best time to stock up. Depending on your VIB status you’ll receive 15% or 10% off EVERYTHING. But be quick – the sale ends April 23rd!!

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