100% Cruelty-free skincare products and my morning routine

I always thought the products I was using were cruelty-free, however it turns out I wrong, and considering ‘My Skincare Routine’ continues to be one of my viewed articles from the archive, I wanted to give an update.

My new routine was researched for weeks until I was confident that everything was cruelty-free and tested to make sure it didn’t provide any irruption to my skin and did, in fact, improve it. I’m please to say that not only is this new routine 100% cruelty-free, it’s also streamlined for a simple and stress free morning. I still follow the same three basics: cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, just with some different products. 

Step 1 – Cleanse

I’ve fallen in love with the Dermalogica precleanse. In the mornings, I follow it up with Murad Redness Therapy Soothing Gel Cleanser.

Step 2 – Hydrate with Elemis

After a hot shower in the mornings, my skin is in particular need of some hydration. I’ve switched my hydration serums, creams and lotions to Elemis and although expensive, a little goes a long way and I love the results. First I use a skin smoothing serum, Dynamic Resurfacing Serum followed up with Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and it’s really changed the feel of my skin. According to their website, “elasticity and suppleness appear improved and the skin looks firm and toned” after 14 days, not to mention all the glowing reviews.

After a month of using the pair of them, I am noticing a difference in pore size and touch of my skin. Very impressed and worth the price tag in my opinion.

Step 3 – Makeup by Charlotte Tilbury

If you know me, you know I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I wear only foundation and concealer 98% of the time and the other 2% I simply add some mascara and call it a day. I don’t like the idea of spending a lot of money on quality skincare to then just cover it up with a layers of makeup. I don’t get it.

But if you’re interested, I have switched my foundation/concealer combo to Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder and the Magic Away Concealer.

For those 2% occasions, I use the Airbush Flawless Finish and ‘the icon eye look‘ makeup kit which includes mascara, eyeliner (you choose the colour, I got black), eyeshadow palette and take it off eye makeup remover.


I will share my night time routine as well because those products are slightly different so stayed tuned!

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