The Perfect Organic Spray Tan pre Wedding

Get Baked (Tanning) in Philadelphia

The question everyone seems to want answered, ‘is what did you do for your bachelorette party?’ Answer: nothing. It might seem strange but I genuinely didn’t want anything, simply put it’s not my cup of tea. What I wanted instead was to spend quality time with those involved in the wedding because at the end of day, some of these girls I only see once or twice a year. That led to two days of girlie things – the first was spray tans at Baked in Philadelphia.

Baked is the first and only place I would trust to give me a spray tan.

Treat Yourself at Baked Tanning in Philadelphia

[psst…who remembers these shirts from my Bridesmaid Boxes?!]

The first time I went was for my 21st birthday. My sister convinced me and my friend to go with her because it was a “special occasion” and although hesitant, we both loved the results. They specialise in custom organic spray tans (although offer a number of other services) starting at $50 but personally I’d opt for tan with toner at $55.

If you’re anything like me the first time around, you’re probably thinking yeah but it’ll look fake or it’s expensive, it won’t last, etc. I promise you, it’ll look real and if you have good prep and aftercare, it will definitely last. Yes, it seems pricey but it’s not a weekly activity. So in my opinion – completely worth it. And thanks to Adrienne I had a glowing tan most of my trip due to my ‘trial’ tan, aka my ‘I’m too busy to lay by the pool so I’ll cheat the system’ tan. 

For a limited time, mention L&L for free toner and $5 off your tan, a $55 value for $45

Book your appointment today and stay glowing through the winter months ahead

Need more proof? On the left is the day before getting baked and right is A WEEK afterwards, it’s still flawless…

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