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Top 10 Thriller Books

Top 10 Thriller Books

Lets talk thriller – and I’m not talking Michael Jackson – I’m talking about good old-fashioned thriller books, but with a bit of a twist. Everyone loves a good scary movie this time of year but what about a good thriller to sink your teeth into – now that’s something not everyone talks about. Or maybe […]

Best Books for Summer 2016

Favourite Summer Books

When it comes to picking out books for the summer my standard go to is chick-lit, beach themed easy breezes but this summer I decided to go for a different theme – a location themed list of books for our travels – starting with … Pari PARIS My Paris Dream by Kate Betts Nice is […]

Review of Crazy Beautiful

You know that moment when you suddenly get the urge to read any and everything because you don’t want to stop reading, it’s like something comes alive inside you and you feel as if you could spend the rest of your life curled up reading book after book and be content. Well, maybe you don’t […]

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

Remember when you were a younger and you thought that be this age you’d have your life figured out and be in complete control and know what you were doing with your life? It’s a nice thought. But here we are, nearing 25, lost, confused and wondering just as ever ‘what do I want to […]

The Year of Yes

Review of Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes

THE YEAR OF YES sounds like a scary yet wonderful idea doesn’t it? Ever wonder what the woman behind Thursday night thinks about or how she talks to friends, well you’re about to find out. The Year of Yes is straight from Shonda Rhimes herself, the wonderful creator behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to […]

A Note on Books

Every book you read becomes a new room in your head — and I want to live in a mansion of people, universes, centuries, and phrases. There’s an air about someone who’s gallivanted, joyously, through a library in their early years that I revere — far more than I revere someone who has travelled the […]

How to balance studying and work

Books Read in 2015

I first got into blogging through Tumblr as a way to share ideas and reviews on books and see what everyone else was reading because I always running out of books to read. In 2014 I read over 80 books throughout the year and although I knew it would be different this year working and studying for […]

My Favourite Historical Novels

Looking to get lost in time? Try one of these historical novels to travel back in time and into another world all together… The Book Thief (by Markus Zusak) The Help (by Kathryn Stockett) Water for Elephants (by Sara Gruen) Atonement (by Ian McEwan) The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (by John Boyne) Or try one […]

Collection of Summer Beach Reads

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some reading and even start a new series to get hooked on, so I’ve compiled some of my favourites (and some of my followers favourites). Unfortunately I don’t know how much beach reading I’ll be doing outside of my dissertation but that shouldn’t stop everyone else […]

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