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Why I rebranded under my own name and why its the best decision I made

Why I Rebranded Under My Own Name

The actual rebrand process took me less than a week. The thought process and contemplation was closer to 7 months. Am I second guessing myself now? Absolutely not. After finally making a decision and having some great blogger friends whom I trust, say to go for it, it felt like a surge of energy went […]

Introducing Staci & Co

So you may notice things are a little different around these parts, you’re so clever 😉 Without further ado… Welcome to Staci & Co. *insert waving emoji here* We’re so happy to have you here and introduce you to a completely new blog experience. You’ll still be able to find (most of) the old Lattes […]

Why I'm throwing out my editorial calendar after 2 years of blogging

Throwing Out My Editorial Calendar

I’m throwing out my editorial calendar. And I don’t just mean figuratively, I mean I’ve literately crossed everything off my list and THROWN AWAY my planner that was specifically for blog planning. This probably makes me seem crazy but I promise I’m not (well not this time) – I have a reason. I just hope […]

Most Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix

Apparently watching a dozen odd shows at a time isn’t normal – who knew? Oh well, I’ve always been in love with TV shows, getting lost in another world, becoming invested in the characters and their stories – I mean I got invested in Saved by the Bell (I even cried with Zack and Kelly got […]

15 Things About Me

Since I know a lot of you are new, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself by sharing 15 things you might not know about me! COUNTRY LOVING CITY GIRL While we currently live in London, I most definitely miss the country way of life in South Carolina from I completed my B.A. I […]

Rose Gold Foil Pressed Save the Dates with Minted

Save the Date with Minted

Once we settled on a date I was so eager to create our save the dates – I knew exactly what I wanted: rose gold foil pressed postcards. The question was where to find good quality for an affordable price. I’d always seen Minted around but I’d never actually used them for anything but after about […]

2017 resolutions and goals

2017 Resolutions & Goals

With every new year comes new resolutions on how you want this year to be different than the last. This has always been my favourite part of the new year – be it new resolutions or new goals in general, I love planning for another new year, it’s like a fresh slate. I always try […]