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Weekend Reads: Road Trip Edition

Being on the road for the last three weeks has made us a little cut off from the rest of the world so I don’t have much to share in respects to what I’ve been reading and watching, thus a special edition of Weekend Reads as we’re on the last leg of our trip with […]

Where to Hike in Virginia with your Dog

We love to go hiking with Kendall and Virginia is easily one of my favourite places to take her – the weather isn’t usually killing us like in the South and the mountains are gorgeous. You’ll notice that a lot of our recommendations include water and that’s because Kendall is a total water dog and […]

Dog Friendly Atlanta

Checking In: Renaissance Atlanta Midtown

One of the biggest problems we face when traveling with Kendall is that we can’t leave her in the room and we’re forced to plan our days around her, meaning we can miss out on some of the “bigger attractions” of the places we visit – that was until we found Renaissance Hotels. The Renaissance […]

Review of Mountain Lake Lodge

Checking In: Mountain Lake Lodge

While the scenery was beautiful and I loved the 7 mile drive up the top of the mountain to reach Mountain Lake Lodge, I don’t think we were exactly the target audience. If you’re traveling with a large party or want a holiday to keep the kids busy then this is your place, the list […]

What's New on Lattes & Lipstick - a trip to Cassis, France

Weekend Reads: 29.07.16

FLEX FIT DANCE | did you see last weeks posts from our very first contributor, Roslyn Rachel?! If you haven’t already check out her post on what the hell to do with all that coconut water you bought but never used because well – yuck – then check it out now because she’s a genius! […]

Review of The Clifton Inn in Virigina

Checking In: The Clifton Inn

From the very moment we drove up the gravel drive, the southern girl inside of me was in seventh heaven, the big colonial house, the flowers upon flowers and the welcoming staff I was instantly reminded of all the reasons I had moved to the South for college. After hiking 3 some miles in 100+ […]

Our 2 Week Holiday Itinerary

When I first bought my graduation tickets I was still living in London and it seemed common sense that I would be in attendance and then I wasn’t living there and a day even turned into a two week adventure with my Mom – you won’t hear any complaints from me. The little shutterbug that […]

Must do things your first time in Paris

8 Must Do Things Your First Time in Paris

You’d be hard pressed to find a girl in her twenties not dreaming of Paris – I’ll admit I was (am) one of those girls – Paris is like a dream each and every time you visit and continues to be beautiful no matter how many times I visit. As Sabrina – or Audrey Hepburn […]