The Wedding Traditions We Did & Didn't Follow - And Why!

Why We Opted for a Non-Traditional Wedding

It’s #WeddingWednesday and I want to talk wedding traditions. There are so many different types of weddings; whether it’s in a church, on the beach, in the mountains or in a ballroom, to each their own. If we can except so many different places for weddings, why is there still such a fixation on certain traditions?

I knew from the beginning I didn’t want a traditional wedding – not in any sense of the word. To me, wedding traditions were white dress, something new, old, borrowed and blue, etc. Who knew there was so many more!! Some hadn’t even crossed my mind until our coordinator or the DJ asked me about them – to which my go to answer was just no.

So naturally I took to Martha Steward to find out the top wedding traditions and see just how “non-traditional” our wedding really was…

Wedding Traditions We Said Pass On

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue | Honestly, I would have done this one if I remembered. The next day my Mom and I tried to see if we could make it work. We couldn’t.
Old – (one of) my wedding bands (it was my great-grandmothers!)
New – my dress and my shoes
Borrowed – ehhh, the venue? ha!
Blue – my ring, a gift from my Mom years ago, is a blue sapphire which I wore

A veil | I was surprised this was a question my dad asked – he didn’t want to know anything about my dress, but at the rehearsal he asked what kind of veil I’d be wearing *crickets* the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Not Seeing Each Other Before Ceremony | This was definitely the hardest for my family to get a grip on. Every time my sister saw us together in the morning she’d just say how weird it was over and over. I honestly just don’t understand this tradition, why wouldn’t I want to see my future husband on the day of our wedding? Makes no sense to me. It’s our day, not few hours in the afternoon.

It’s not as if I was walking around casually in my wedding dress. We woke up, parted ways and later had breakfast together, stealing kisses the whole morning – what’s so wrong with that? In fact, I saw the entire bridal party the morning of the wedding as I walked around most of the day in my pyjamas. Oh annddd we had photos before the wedding, as to not miss cocktail hour.

Bouquet/Garter Toss | Just no. It’s a weird tradition and why people still do it I will never understand. No idea what I’m talking about? Read all about the history of the garter toss here ..and then get back to me on your thoughts.

Matching Wedding Bands | I wanted rose gold, he didn’t. We got what we both wanted, everyone’s happy. Simple.

Bachelorette | Much to some of my bridesmaid dismay, I wanted no part. I had asked enough of my bridal party in wedding spending that I was not going to ask them to spend yet another day with me simple to fulfil some tradition. And I’m not the out late drinking type, Rich will tell you that I get very moody come 10pm because it’s past my bedtime 😉 We did have a lovely evening getting spray tans which for me was just as perfect

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses | If I was going to ask my closest friends to buy a dress they’ll probably only where once, I was going to make sure it 1) was something they liked and 2) something within their budget. So I mailed everyone colour samples and sent them on their way. And it was one last thing for me to worry about.

Wedding Traditions We Said Sure!

Being Walked Down the Aisle/Giving Away the Bride | I wouldn’t even have thought it say no to this one. One of the greatest moments, hands down. That and my father/daughter dance, I cried.

White Dress | This one is up for debate. I did not want a white dress, I didn’t try on a single “true white dress.” Initially I wanted to go with a smoke coloured dress, which my mom and sister politely said “maybe something else.” In the end, I went with an ivory lace with a champagne underlay so I’m going with it counts as traditional – if nothing but the fact it was all lace!

Wedding Cake & Topper | I was on the fence but in the end we had a small little cake and cut it privately with just family. No cake smashing in the face though.

So of the top 10 wedding traditions, we did 3. Ahh a solid 30% not too shabby.

I’d love to hear from you, what do you think about wedding traditions? Do you have any cultural traditions that you did/want to do at your wedding? Can’t wait to hear!

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Popular Wedding Traditions We Did & Follow - and why!
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  1. We were very similar! We didn’t do a traditional bridal party, we did an anniversary dance instead of bouquet or garter toss, and we saw each other before. I think the best weddings are the ones that you personalize and make your own.

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