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It’s Wedding Wednesday and 9 weeks later I am FINALLY ready to share all the details of our wedding!

I wanted to share the information in the order that I actually booked it because it’s very unconventional. Of course it all starts with the venue but I think you’ll find the last two things I actually organised, odd.

Hope you enjoy a little mini tour of our wedding – a MASSIVE THANKS to Redfield Photography for all the photos!!

VENUE | Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you know that Rich and I looked at a number of venues for the wedding during our summer road trip. We fell in love with the Clifton Inn in VA but it was just too far. So I looked closer to home for something similar and I found Faunbrook.

Faunbrook had all the elements we were looking for; it was intimate and cosy for a small wedding, had rooms for our bridal party, had history and a beautiful spot for an outdoor ceremony/reception.

We couldn’t have been happier with the service by Lori and her team. We checked in Friday afternoon and then hosted a ultra low key rehearsal dinner (think sandwiches and games).

After a lovely and fun night, we woke up Saturday to the most delicious breakfast spread. Lori helped with music, tidying our rooms while the ceremony was taking place and serving us hangover food on Sunday when we needed it. We literately didn’t have to think about a single detail the entire weekend – it was INCREDIBLE.

PHOTOS | Redfield Photography

Marisa & John were just – yass!! I found them through Instagram as I looked through hashtags. I reached out with the most basic DM asking for the best email because I loved their feed. A few weeks later, we were having coffee to discuss and well, the rest is history.

Their energy made our photos so much easier and that much more fun – hence all the crazy smiles and laughs. When I suggested bringing Kendall to our before photos – no problem.

When I said Rich is camera shy – no problem – they got amazing expressions. When I asked them last minute to stay another hour because they’re awesome – no problem. They took everything as it came, were so professional and when guests tell you they want to hang out with them afterwards – well you know that’s a win.


Those who’ve hosted or attended weddings in a ballroom might find this strange but it was actually up to me to find all our rentals – from tables and chairs to plates and decorations. Luckily, our venue had the perfect recommendations who really fit with our style so I didn’t have to look far.

Modern Relics

I first saw Angela’s work in photos from a styled event at Faunbrook. Seeing her past works at our venue really made it all click. Her studio was a treasure trove. I was so obsessed with everything – the vintage plates, the mix-match chairs, the antique lounge, vases in various sizes and SO much more! This was my favourite appointment, which in a way is ironic considering it’s the one most people don’t normally do.

However, tablescapes and vintage bits and bobs are just my speed. Not to mention it was a bloggers heaven – I mean all those flat lay props! Ugh, I want to go back and do it all again. Angela was so helpful and she definitely helped cure my overeagerness and narrow down exactly what my vision was. I never would have come up with the centrepieces.


When I told my Dad I was renting farm tables his face was priceless. But I knew I wanted farm tables, no tablecloths, no crazy centrepiece flowers, just good old fashioned wooden table – something that felt like sitting around a family table.

I immediately loved Holmespun because it’s a family business. I love working with small businesses, the attention to detail is higher and my favourite reason – you know who you’re working with. When more than one person recommends them you know it’s a good decision, so I didn’t even bother seeing the tables beforehand, we saw them the Friday night before. Good thing we liked them!

Impulse Buys & DIY

Just some random bits and bobs I found leading up to the wedding and my 3 DIYs – water bottles, seating chart and CORNHOLE!

Water Bottle Labels were a printable I found, had printed at Staples and taped on with clear packing tape.

Favours as Decorations

Initially we said no to favours but then I had an idea – what if it was practicalΒ andΒ could be used as a display – perfect. We ordered adorable mason jars that people could use during the after party.Β And my favourite part – a candy bar display that could be packed up in little boxes to go (or piled into the mason jar).


You probably already know this one but we used Minted for our invitations (and our save the dates) simply because well they were simple.

Wedding Invitations on a Budget with Minted

I actually ordered samples of the invitations way before we even looked at venues but I always had an idea in my mind for the look and feel and in the end I think our invitations matched that perfectly. The kraft paper feel and texture was something we used again for the table seating to tie it all together.

FLOWERSΒ | We Are Wildflowers

Jess at We Are Wildflowers came highly recommended from both our venue and one of our other suppliers, as someone whose easy to work with and understands the simple style we were looking to convey. And boy did she. It was exactly what I wanted. I think my mom probably wanted bigger and more flowers, but I knew I wanted simple and small – especially for my own bouquet.

Jess delivered on everything AND she went above and beyond on the ceremony decorations and little touches around the venue, like flowers on the bar. And the flower crowns for my nieces – just YES!!!!


Hair by Currie’s

My hair was a “game day” decision, meaning I left it until that morning and even then I still wasn’t sure. I wanted it down but was overly worried about being hot so I found examples of my hair up so I decided to make everyone vote while they were getting their own hair done. Basically I cornered them. In the end, people told me to follow my gut – so I did and yay! I loved it and it was so me.

Makeup by Chelsea Wells

Chelsea did my makeup for our engagement session and it was so beautiful, it was a no brainer when it came to booking for the wedding. She’s so nice and fun, I mean her energy level at 7am was unreal. I think I only managed to function because she brought so much energy to the suite while we were getting ready (and the multiple cups of coffee, but that’s another story).

Thanks to my MOH for the in action snap πŸ™‚

Faux Glow by Baked Tanning

Can’t say enough nice things about Adrienne and Baked in Philadelphia – all you have to do is read my review on our experience to know I simply adore them. I mean look at that glow!!

Nails by Nail Doctor

I’ve gotten my nails done at the Nail Doctor in Glen Mills since I was maybe 14? I practically grew up there so getting to be pampered the Friday before the wedding while the guys all golfed (see below) was bliss. Not only that, it was a great opportunity to include everyone – even my nieces and local friends.

I think Emily at the salon took this one for us, I love it!

meanwhile the guys…

I woke up super early to go meet the guys before they teed off so I could take a group shot. Then I rushed home to get changed so I could relax with my girls. #anythingfortheblog

FOOD | Queen of Hearts Catering

Recommended by Lori at Faunbrook, I took my sister/Matron of Honour to the tasting with me where we met Amy at Queen of Hearts. Amy was amazing!! I’m not sure there’s enough good things to say actually, from Skype calls while we were in London to me changing the menu twice, she took everything in stride and made sure our day was perfect. If it wasn’t for her planning knowledge, I don’t think we would have made it through the walk through let alone the wedding go smoothly.

And the food – yummmmy. The appetisers were incredible, obviously cocktail hour was Rich and I’s very part of the day. Not to mention, Amy followed us around with a tray of goodies while we were having photos done after the wedding. If that is a perfect start to a marriage, I don’t know what is.

And because I don’t have any pictures of the amazing food, here’s a picture of how happy we were to be followed around with a tray of appetisers and someone who continually refreshed our drinks without our asking – also, thanks for that Amy πŸ™‚

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