How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Invitation on a Budget

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation with Minted

Choosing a wedding invitation is a little like choosing your wedding dress, in that what you like everyone else might not and it also needs to fit the overall feel of your big day. The invitation is the first impression, it sets the tone and in many cases will last forever in either a frame or scrapbook of some description.

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post so I can share with you how to get that perfect invitation without breaking the bank. Please note, post contains affiliate links. 

Use Your Invitation to Set the Theme
I knew from the beginning exactly what kind of vision I had for our wedding – something simple, classic and a little vintage for good measure. It was that exact description that I told to very vendor – from tables and chairs to flowers. So it was a no brainer when searching for invitations what I wanted something equally as simple.

If you don’t have a theme or idea yet, don’t panic. Use the invitation process as a chance to explore your options.

You might find you’re pulled to a particular colour scheme or maybe you like ones with a traditional satin ribbon or maybe lace overlay? Keep an open mind and when in doubt order a sample.

I ordered eIgor samples from Minted – everything from monochrome to bright pinks and super traditional to ultra modern. I really covered my bases and it cost me nothing. With Minted you can get a $10 sample credit using 10FREE and you can request a free sample kit to see all the different paper qualities. Being able to hold the invitations and pass them around to get opinions really helped because in the end I fell in love with choice number THREE because it looked so much better in person!

Stick to Your Budget
Ahh the dreaded ‘B’ word – the ultimate beetch when it comes to dreaming vs planning a wedding. Stationary is one of those things where you want high quality because it’s the first impression but also something you need to watch because at the end of the day it does get thrown in the bin.

As any previous bride would tell you, you need to compare prices and weigh your options. I found Minted’s price very competitive, especially because I wanted simple. I also LOVED that it came with a free wedding website and free addressing of the envelopes. It meant I not only saved time printing them myself or even more so saved me a huge calligrapher bill. I knew in advance that I wanted a wedding website and Minted’s free service saved me so much time in design and money since I thought I had to buy a domain.

Design is in the Eye of the Beholder
Design in general is not a one size fits all – everyone has different tastes, different preferences and different styles of fonts, colours etc that they prefer.

In the end choose something that you both love and fits your personality as well as your wedding theme.

You may remember I used Minted for our Save the Dates and the main element for me was the gold foil – well big shocker that that was the first thing I filtered for yet again on my search for invitations. Not only does gold foil represent me (I also use it on my business cards) but it was a great way to tie together our Save the Dates with our final invitations and it even gave me the inspiration to hunt down some gold accent pieces for the reception.

Why We Opted for a Wedding Website and Not RSVP Cards
Although it’s a fairly modern trend I think it just about gave my mother a heart attack when I said we weren’t doing RSVP cards and instead all the information would be online.

Firstly, it’s just practical for us seeing as half of those invited are in the UK and the wedding is in the US. We knew that people would be asking us a million and one questions about travel details and a website allows us to have a place to direct them. It also allows us to answer questions about registry, address details, etc without having to type it out to every person.

Second, it’s just convenient for everyone involved. People were able to RSVP within minutes of getting their invitations and I don’t even need to keep a spreadsheet because Minted has it under control. At a glance I can see who’s responded, what meal they want at dinner and I can add multiple events for different people. Bridal party and close family get to see all the rehearsal dinner details and RSVP to that all at the same time.

Apart from being practical and convenient, it’s also more eco friendly. I saved myself from having to order additional cards, envelopes and oh yeah – postage (hi, budget saver). Sure a wedding website isn’t for everyone, especially the more traditional bride but traditional definitely wasn’t one of my key buzzwords, so again simplicity won.

Final Thoughts

I couldn’t be happier with how our invitations came out.

A huge thank you to Minted for working with me on this project – it was so much fun to go through all the different options and find the perfect invitation. I’m under no impression that our invitations are everyone’s cup of tea – I know they weren’t top picks for a number of people I asked but at the end of the day they fit both the feel of the wedding and us as a couple and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

And the big reveal…

Wedding Invitations on a Budget with Minted

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Invitation on a Budget

Wedding Invitations on a Budget with Minted

Wedding Invitations on a Budget with Minted

Wedding Invitations on a Budget with Minted

Wedding Invitations on a Budget with Minted

**note: the invitations were printed with the whole address not just names but have been whited out to protect the privacy of our loved ones**

Have you ever used Minted for anything? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments. And what about all you brides how did you approach your wedding invitation decision? Big ordeal or simple and sweet?

How to choose the perfect wedding invitation on a budget
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  1. The gold foil looks so pretty on the invitations!! I didn’t know that Minted had online RSVPs, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind when it’s time for my wedding!

    1. The online RSVPs have been SOOO useful! Guests have been able to respond the same day as receiving their invitations, making it one last thing for them to worry about. Invitations have been out for a week and always 30% of our guests have RSVPd! Craziness!

  2. Thanks for saying that you need to consider your budget. It would be good to consider this because it would ensure that you don’t spend too much money. My sister is making the invitations for her wedding, so she’ll have to consider what her budget is first.

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