Asking you Bridal Party on a Budget

Crafting a “Bridesmaid Box”

In the age of Pinterest asking your bridal party is basically the brides version of asking ‘will you marry me’ and the more you delve until the rabbit hole that is the internet the more it’s gonna cost you, especially when you take into account the size of your bridal party. There’s anything from picture frames to custom wine glasses even jewelry all thrown into a box. So how do you make your very own bridesmaid bow without going overboard but still get the point across? Let’s start with the basics – you’re going to need a box – there’s two approaches wooden boxes you paint and decorate or you can buy an already super cute box that requires no effort on your part.

Asking you Bridal Party on a Budget

I found these adorable boxes at Home Goods that were both affordable and who doesn’t need a storage box you can leave out (confession: I bought a mini version for myself which now stores my array of sunglasses very happily on my dresser). Next you’re going to need your “big” piece – the main thing that brings your box together – I found the best t-shirts from The Trendy Sparrow that practically screamed at me. No joke, I was minding my own business and engaged less than two weeks when I saw these shirts which have “perfect for destination wedding” written all over them. These shirts quickly became my theme – when you have a new comfy t-shirt for the plane you need a makeup bag for your carry-on right? Oh yes. And sold!

Asking you Bridal Party on a Budget

And what proposal to girlfriends is complete without wine? Literately none. Lucky for me I stumbled upon these wine labels at the outlets in Francesca’s – once again not looking for gifts, I was actually looking for new sunglasses (to add to said box). If you haven’t noticed there seems to be a quality pattern, the best things come when you’re not looking and not over analysing, after all these are some of your closest friends it should be easy. And to top it all off a handwritten card to each and every girl because they do mean the world to me and how can I ask such an important question without putting pen to paper?

Asking you Bridal Party on a Budget

Planning a wedding is hard enough already but asking your girlfriends to be apart of your big deal shouldn’t be one of them. Give yourself a break – step away from Pinterest and follow your instincts – putting these pieces together took me weeks and weeks to get it all just right so be patient.

I would love to hear how you asked your bridesmaids, did you make a big deal and a grand gesture or ask them over a nice lunch? Share below in the comments!


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    1. It was actually a lot more fun than I expected. Pinterest definitely made the expectations high but it was a lot of fun searching for everything to give my girls. Xx

  1. Loved reading this- even more because I was a part of it! Our boxes are perfect and just so you! 😘 Cheers to the next stage! We’ll be there every step of the way ❤️❤️

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