Unique & CHeap Date Night Ideas

7 Unique & Cheap Date Nights

I heard something recently that the average American spends over $150 on Valentine’s Day – while a big blow out date night and jewellery can be nice, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the company of your significant other. So I decided to round up my favourite cheap and unique date night ideas that I’ve previously shared on Instagram – the best part? You can do them all year round!

  1. BRING THE MOVIES TO YOU. Nothing beats the classic movie night date (it’sย one of my standbys) but you don’t need to spend the huge price tag. Instead, rent the movie at home and stock up on popcorn and candy for you’re own little feast. Did I mention you can also wear PJs as an added bonus!
  2. WHO’S THE BETTER CHEF? Challenge your partner to a little cook (or bake) off – you cook a meal for them and they cook a meal for you. Spending the evening in the kitchen together is a great way to bond and who knows maybe they’ll surprise you with a killer meal.
  3. EXPLORE SOMETHING NEW. Play tourist together in your neighbourhood – hire a Barclays Bike for the afternoon and cycle around a side streets looking for hidden corners. Go for a hike or explore a new park. Take pictures like a tourist, try new places to eat, shop and share a cup of coffee.
    Cheap Date Night Ideas
  4. VOLUNTEER TOGETHER; aka PLAY WITH PUPPIES. We did this a few years ago on a whim, looking for something to do but not wanting to spend anything we decided to go to a local animal shelter. We walked some of the oleerย dogs and played with an entire litter of puppies for the entire afternoon – it was basically heaven.
  5. HOST A GAME NIGHT. We are super competitive so this can some times backfire on us – especially if I pull out Monopoly – but it’s still fun. So gather some board cards or research some card games and play the night away. Our personal favourite? UNO. So simple but it means we can pick it up or leave it when we want, but we always remember to keep score HA!
    Cheap Date Night Ideas
  6. BUILD YOUR OWN SPA. And by ‘build’ I mean create the illusion of a spa. Collect all your candles, dim the lights and find a soothing playlist – set the timer for 45 minutes and trade massages. Complete the relaxation with some cucumber water or herbal tea.
  7. BEER OR WINE? If you have local wineries or breweries near by, see if they do tours or tastings – these are typically less expensive than if you were to go and simply buy a few pints.
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