Chicken fried rice recipe perfect for meal prep

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe & A Food Diary

There seems to be a lot of discussion about what I eat lately thanks to our Fit Bride Bootcamp series so I decided to keep a food diary in my Fitness Planner for two weeks to share with you – AND as a bonus the quick chicken fried rice lunch recipe you’ll see listed almost everyday.

Before FBB an average day of food would look go something like this – coffee, banana, tea and biscuits, granola bar, coffee, half a sandwich, mixed fruit, tea and cookies, chicken breast and zucchini for dinner.

This was pretty standard – unless of course we were getting takeout for dinner. And then some snacks at night while I work on the blog or watch TV. 80% of the time that snack was goldfish – they’re the ultimate blogging snack and I would far to often eat about half a bag every time I had a big blogging day (whoops). Right, so I mean it’s not ideal but I’m a workaholic and when I’m working I don’t like to take time to pause and eat, so I turn to things that I can eat on the go or while I’m still typing on my computer from my desk.

Not great – I get that – so I’ve made some easy changes that have already had a big impact. First things first I started having breakfast!! It’s a big deal because I hate eating as soon as I wake up, I’ve always been this way – I wake up, have my coffee and maybe in like an hour or two I can think about food. Which is all well and good on the weekends but during the week I don’t really have that luxury when I need to be out the door by 7 to catch my train. Luckily, my soon-to-be husband is a bit of a health nut himself and found a breakfast smoothie that I love and is now my breakfast every morning apart from the weekends and is somewhere in the ballpark of 500 calories which is WHOAA.

Once I started getting breakfast I was actually noticing not eating lunch – which took at least a week honestly but now I don’t think I could skip it anymore. Again, I normally have the same lunch everyday because it’s easy for me to prep and not have to worry about it. It was something I used to make at University of South Carolina when I was too tried to make myself dinner so it worked out to be the perfect amount for lunch – it’s my quick chicken fried rice – you can find the recipe below!

Now for the moment of truth – my food diary…

Rough estimates say I’m eating any where from 1,500 to 2,300 calories a day depending on my ability to prep food and not have takeout for dinner. I’m averaging about 1,900 a day which is a huge improvement! And according to my FitBit I burn an average of 2,300 a day, again dependent on the length of walk Kendall and I take and whether or not I’ve had a PT session with Roslyn.

Although I could stand to average out the number of calories I get a day, I mean it’s a pretty big gap, I’m comfortable with the amount that I’m at and my progress – especially compared to the maybe 800-1,200 I was getting before from snacks (and wine), now most of the calories are coming from “real” food and I’m getting a hell of a lot of protein which is an adjustment.

Quick & Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice perfect for meal prep

So My Fitness Pal estimates a serving of this homemade fried rice is about 460 calories – which for me is A LOT, but if you’re a big eater you might want to add some more chicken or other proteins to the recipe. Little Tip – we have roast chicken during the weekend and I use the leftover chicken for my lunches, the pulled chicken is so much taster than the average chicken breast and it means less food gets wasted

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Chicken fried rice perfect for meal prep and quick lunches

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