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When Chrissy first contacted me to come and visit her spa, I’ll admit I was skeptical – did I really want to drive 45 minutes to Chestnut Hill, an area I know nothing about for a massage – and most importantly would it be worth it in the end. Let’s just say I probably would have drove close to two hours for my massage and experience at CURE de Repos.

Facial Room

Smith's Cult nail polish

From the moment I walked down the cobblestone streets in Chestnut Hill and through the front door I knew I made the right decision – I mean they had a pink door! All jokes aside, I loved the feel of CURE, it has a really homey feel from the moment you walk in and Chrissy and Geri are both so sweet you could probably just talk all day. I was really happy to see some products and brands I knew but also really exited about the possibility of finding a new brand because I know that Chrissy went through a lot to source a very select number of brands and companies which gives CURE an amazing European boutique feel (the little Paris touches throughout didn’t hurt either).

Makeup Display

Holiday candles

I was lucky enough to talk to both Chrissy and Geri about what exactly they do and while they offer a number of selections I’m just going to break it down to facials and massages. Standing in Chrissy’s room that she uses for facials I was so overwhelmed by all the equipment is managed to fit in there while she was like a kid on Christmas showing me all her favourite toys.

Now I have never had a facial – and I mean never, not a mini one, not a peel, nothing – sure I like at home masks like any other girl but I’m so picky about which ones I use. Not to mention I can’t imagine letting someone else do one to me (I don’t even like making my makeup done), I guess I’m a little bit of a control freak that way, but Chrissy was so patient in explaining all the different treatments that could be done that I had complete confidence in her giving me a facial that didn’t end in me having a panic attack.

Facial Tech

Facial Creams

However, I wasn’t there for a facial – I was there for a massage – a “not your basic massage.” Admittedly I thought yeah yeah I’ve had a dozen or so massages in a handful of countries, I know what to expect – um no, I was wrong, it was so much better than I expected. It wasn’t just that the massage was awesome, it was Geri too – talking to her beforehand about her philosophy was a huge highlight for me and it basically summed up CURE for me: this is an experience – a custom experience that everyone should feel.

Massage Room

Massage Room_2



This is not the place you go when you just want to get out of the house of a few hours and not talk to anyone, get in, get out, move on with your day and maybe have a few less knots in your shoulders. This is an experience and I say that with complete sincerity, Chrissy and Geri truly love what they do so you’re not getting some cookie cutter routine or treatment – they listen to you and most importantly they listen to your body so you get a customised treatment just for you.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, book an appointment at CURE de Repos – make the drive to Chestnut Hill to visit Chrissy and Geri because I promise you’ll walk out of there feeling hundred times better and probably with a few new purchases (hint: the candles are amazing). You won’t regret it, I can promise you that – it’s been less than 24 hours and I’m already deciding on my next treatment so I can go back again.

Breakfast at Tiffany's candle

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