It’s been a month since we got engaged and let me just say there are a few things I wish I knew heading into this time because quite frankly I was delusional. The moment that you actually get engaged, the moment you say yes and your flooded with emotions is a wonderful feeling but it just about stops the moment you tell people you’re engaged. Don’t get me wrong everyone has been so nice and happy over our news but it’s short lived bliss followed by a period of questions, stress and to do lists running through your mind.

  1. People will ask about your wedding date and location before you’ve even thought about it.
    What happened to just being engaged and enjoying that period of time?
  2. Saying fiance is not an easy thing.
    It’s not a switch to turn on and off. It’s honestly just uncomfortable and I think I’ve managed to say it about once but hey it’s progress.
  3. People will ask a million and one specific question, 90% of the time you won’t have the answers.
    Sometimes you might actually know and that just opens yourself up to critique and everyone else’s opinions. Everyone has an opinion about everything and you just need to deal with it.
  4. Being engaged seems to give people the impression they can grab your hand whenever they want.
    This is something I can’t get over, sorry it’s just weird.