It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

We’re not one for big spending on this lovely Hallmark holiday, but we don’t forget it completely because it would be a shame to miss out on a chance to say how much we love each other. Typically we go out for a nice evening, sans phone, I dress up and we might give each other a little something to open. Some times it’s just a card and sometimes it’s a cutie little gift to remind each other how much we care.

Since we normally do something together, all this gifts are under $50

What Rich picked for me —

I love that it’s a mixture of things I’ve been wanting (card holder) to random things I’d find funny like the donut ring holder of the phone cases. He’s such a cutie 🙂

He’s the best at gifts – probably because I love everything – but honestly, he finds the cutest things AND he makes the cutest things. He’s all about the DIY gift. Top gift — set of playing cards with a different thing on each card as too why he loves me / what I do that he likes, etc. Still to this day – my favourite gift!

Meanwhile, I’m a lot less cute. My motto is anything from J Crew is a win…

It’s either J Crew or something cutie that he’ll just roll his eyes at – like the best husband ever mug 😉